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Beyond me!

There comes a point when, you as parent, realise that you do not know everything that goes on in your kid’s life. They learn stuff that you know nothing about and do things either at school or even at home that you are not privy to.

I was not ready for this!  Yes, another thing I was not ready for.  I felt an actual pang in my heart as I realised that this is just the beginning.

This morning before we left home I told Little OL to go and say good bye to the nanny. She did eagerly, running back and shouting. Then she called me to come and say good bye too.  It was only then that I realised that they were actually talking Xhosa.  Oh my word – she has barely learnt to speak English, how am I ever going to keep up??

I am pretty pleased though, Xhosa is something we want her to learn and something we actively encourage whenever she gets the opportunity.  I know that she can say hello, how are you and sing happy birthday, but the good bye and see you on Monday conversation was more than I realise she knew how to say.  I am going to need extra lessons very soon.


6 thoughts on “Beyond me!

    1. Unfortunately our full-time nanny has not returned since the worms episode. She did not speak Xhosa when she was here anyway – although we asked her to a number of times. It is now down to the lady who comes in a couple of times a week to clean or our gardener. We have asked both of them to talk Xhosa to her, which they do most of the time.

    1. Speak it is a bit to strong – she was saying sayings and stuff. I do sincerely hope that one day she will be able to speak it fluently though.

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