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Letters – Dear Pamela …

On Sunday I intended to do a bit of a mini spring clean but got a bit waylaid.  I came across old letters from my school days.  It was so odd and nice, some of the people I could not even remember meeting never mind receiving letters from.  I guess it is like now when you meet somebody, exchange numbers and get a couple of text messages and never hear from them again.

It was sweet, there were letters from my first boyfriend, even though we went to the same university and he lived only in Uitenhage. There were quite a few letters from girls I knew who lived in different parts of the country that I met up with on holiday and from people that had lived here but had moved away.  There were even letters from boys that I had met, but because they were either in boarding school or because I had really strict parents I did not get to see often.  I do remember using the “really strict parents” thing to my advantage when I did not really want to meet up.

It is sad that the “art” of letter writing is dying.  I know we “communicate” more now via email, text, skype or whatever but how many people actually keep this correspondence.  These letters didn’t say much but they gave me a glimpse into my teenage life.  It would have been fun to see what my replies to these letters were.  I can’t remember writing that many letters although I must have done as most of them start with the line of “got your letter, thanks” or something similar.

I do have the letters I wrote back to my parents – they kept those ones and gave them to me when I returned. They were fun to read but boy, did I write about rubbish. The rest was probably censored, seeing as I was writing to my parents…..

I am going to try and start letter writing again.  My sister is in Australia – I am sure that she would appreciate a hand written letter….. (or at the very least typed out and printed)