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Another fun project – a bookshelf

I posted a while back (HERE) that I had bought a spice rack that I intended to use as a bookshelf.

It is finally up and being used.  I actually spray painted it a while back, but it only made it onto the wall this weekend. Here are some before and after photos.

As you can see it was in a bit of a state when I bought it.

Before – needing a bit of work.

I had been looking for one for ages after seeing something similar on Pinterest.  I eventually found this one at a charity shop.

I sanded it and spray painted it. And am very happy with the result.  It is very narrow and fits perfectly below the window in Little OL’s bedroom.  When the curtains are closed you would not even know it was there.

cleaned, sanded and spray painted


Spice rack turned bookshelf!


Little OL doing an inspection. I think it passed.

25 thoughts on “Another fun project – a bookshelf

  1. I love it – what a good idea. except it would be far too small for my children!

    Polly also has the Lettice book and it is one of her fav’s.

    You’re so clever!

    1. Thank you.
      It is also a bit small for all her books, but wanted somewhere that was easily accessible for her. She still has a tendency to damage books so most of them are in a cupboard and I bring them out to read to her. Her room is too small for a conventional bookshelf.

    1. yes, I wanted her to have easy access to some of her books and make them more visible to her. it is probably because it is a novelty but she keeps “reading” now.

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