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Secret Santa List

Things I love

I am participating in the Bloggers Secret Santa hosted by The  Stiletto Mum and after THIS blog post by Cat at “Juggling act of Life” I was reminded that I need to post a list of things I like.

Well, here goes.  I love:

  • Note books – any kind
  • Actually paper of any sort or variety
  • Craft supplies – pretty much also any kind.  At the moment I am into stamps.
  • Home-made stuff.
  • Recipes – especially a compilation of a person’s favourite recipes with notes about why they are your favourite – or tips on how to do them best.
  • Anything cookie related.
  • Candles
  • Picture frames

In truth I am not all that fussy and love getting gifts that are unexpected and am generally happy with whatever it is that I receive so if you “get” me to buy for then I am all for surprises so don’t feel like you need to stick to my list.


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