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Just get out!!

I don’t really have very much to write at the moment because I am so MAD!

You try and do something for your future, try and make the best or be the best.  Try to save, or create or do whatever and somebody else just comes along and laughs at you.  Or at least that is the way I am feeling at the moment.

A few years ago I bought a couple of houses to rent out. They are not in the best area, but as an investment they are good.  I worked out that instead of putting all my money into a retirement fund this was a better option for me.  I do not earn enough to live on and save as much as I would need to retire comfortably.  In fact this would be a brilliant plan if it were not for one thing – FREAKING TENANTS!!!!

Why is it that they feel they can just move in and then not pay rent?  I still have bonds to pay, rates and levies to pay etc.  I cannot just pay all this indefinitely without receiving any rent!  And now they refuse to move out!  I want to scream!  I am hoping that my threatening them will get them out, but I doubt it.  Worst is it is not just one set of tenants.  It is both of them.  2 properties – 2 non-paying tenants!  The one even had the audacity today to phone me and tell me I need to replace the back door as it is damaged!  You ARSE have not paid rent – I am not fixing anything. I told him I would fix it the day after he moved out and hung up!

15 thoughts on “Just get out!!

  1. Have you started proceedings. It takes forever and we wouldn’t have been able to afford it, but one of the people on our board is an attorney, so his firm just charged us the Sheriff’s fees. The law states that you need to provide them with alternative accommodation even if you go to court for a eviction order. It does not have to be accommodation that is to their liking. We simply arranged with Siyakatala Shelter and paid a months rent to get our “pest” out two years ago. The magistrate accepted it as alternative accommodation and granted the eviction order. I stood and cheered when the Sheriff removed him and his belongings…ugly me;-)

      1. Sad thing is that they have more rights than the owner…and they know it. Maybe you should remove the door as your one friend on FB advised….or alternatively tell them there is borer beetle and you need to fumigate and get them out that way. Remind me to give you the “Eviction clause” to put in your lease agreement in future. Legal Aid gave us that tip;-)

    1. This is also through a rental company. So annoyed. I had hassles like this a couple of years ago too. Thankfully I have had a few good tenants over the years too though. You forget when you have good tenants how bad it is when you have bad tenants!!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your tenants. I’m an tenant myself and hearing stories about tenants like these, make me cross. It’s tenants like these, that give good tenants like me/us a bad name … grrr. Good luck and sorting out those two tenants of yours.

    1. Uhh, thanks. Believe me, when I do have good tenants its instances like this that make me appreciate them so much more. And the tenants I had for the past couple of years had been great. I wished they could have stayed.

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