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And some good news!

We just received news that Little OL was accepted at the school we really wanted to send her too. This means that she starts pre-school next year!  YIKES.  I am really excited and hope that it is a good fit for us.

If it is as good as we hope it to be we will keep her there for Primary School as well.  Another exciting thing is that in 2015 they will be opening a High School as well, so it might be possible to keep her there for her entire school career.

I know that there will be critics and those that question our choice for various reasons. The school is small, it is private and it is a Montessori school, but we believe the choice is a good one and one that will work for us and our child.  I have already been asked about the lack of school sports, but truthfully it is not actually something that concerns me too much.  Possibly because as a child I chose sports that were not traditional school sports and am still extremely active.  We will (are already) teaching her to swim and will probably take her to tennis lessons or soccer and various other extra mural activities.  Tthe school does offer things like yoga and ballet as well as various other activities.  They just don’t have team sports as because of the numbers.  However, it is much more important to me that physical activity is an active part of her life and something she enjoys doing.  I believe then it will be something that she will continue with as she grows and not something that as soon as she leaves school she will stop doing.  Also hopefully by seeing how active I and my family are we will be setting a good example.  She will be able to see how much we enjoy participating in various activities and will be encouraged to do the same.

So- yay! We are excited and now I can at least stop stressing over where she will be going to school for a bit.  Now I just need to worry about what I am going to be doing with her over school holidays etc!!!

15 thoughts on “And some good news!

  1. Such good news! Daniella was at a Montessori Pre School and I loved it. Had I had my way she would have continued through Primary but we left CT and that option is just not available to us here.

    I would worry about the sport thing – the one thing tho that it does teach is teamwork/participation so try and get her involved in something.


    1. I will do. There is a soccer club just around the corner from us, There are other options as well, but will look at them when she is older. Luckily they do offfer things like Monkeynastics and SoccerStars for the littlies.

  2. I LOVE Montessori – Child1 started attended a pre school one and it was PERFECT for him. I wish we could have continued through to primary and high school but it simply wasn’t the best choice for him at the time. I really wouldn’t worry about the sports just yet, but if you really want it for her then you would have to sign her up for something.

    1. Thanks, yes I will look at it when she is slightly older. I did lots of sport but none traditional school ones so not concerned.

  3. I am so glad for you. Things were never that crazy when my children were small…we could leave it until a few months before school started but I know how thrilled Kobus and Lache were when they heard that Leane was accepted at their school of choice for Grade R next year.

    1. it is tough out there! I know my parents battled for me with high school, but in the end the one I went to was right for me. Not their original choice though.

      1. Such great news Pam. My colleague has been running around for the past 6 months or so trying to find a school for his son for 2014 or 2015 and he has not been able to even get on waiting lists because the lists are too long. That’s quite scary

      2. We were very lucky. I initially had her on the waiting list for 2014 but they have decided to expand the school. Which is great news for us!

  4. I love that you say, that you are making the choice upon what you think is good for your child because that’s the way it should be. No matter what people ask or critisize.
    Congrats on your little one being accepted 🙂

  5. I’m relieved to see that they accepted her. As we said before, this is all craziness. Where are the good old days of last-minute acceptances? 🙂

    Did you see my school post last week I think it was? We’re also now sorted… properly!

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