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30 Days of Gratitude – Day 1 – Day 6

30 Days of Gratitude (as seen on Ginger and Spice) as well as a few other blogs.

Ok, so I am a little late in getting started but I think it is a great idea.  I have so much to be grateful for, but sometimes need a little reminding.

I will play a little catch up here, to bring me up to date. Day 1 – Day 6.  Hopefully from tomorrow I remember do it daily.

Day 1 – Grateful that I have  friend that is prepared to drive all the way across town before 5am to “cycle” in my lounge with me.

Day 2 – Grateful that at least one of my tenants finally paid all their rent!  (read about my tenant problems HERE)

Day 3 – Grateful I am able to run!  And that I am getting better at it.  Such a good feeling. (related blog post HERE)

My 1st Silver Medal (Top 100) – and 3rd place.

Day 4 – Grateful that the weather was stunning so we could enjoy the Johnny Clegg concert!  It was awesome.   Also grateful that I live in such an amazing city that has spots that you can drive to when you need to “get away” – or drive till Little OL falls asleep and naps.

Little OL enjoying the Johnny Clegg concert
Enjoying some quiet time at Schoenmaker’s Kop
While Little OL had an afternoon nap in the back

Day 5 – Grateful for modern technology that makes keeping in touch with my sister so much easier.

Day 6 – Grateful that my mom lives in the same city as I do and that she loves watching Little OL so I am able to go and do the club runs on a Tuesday night.  Also grateful that the club I am a member at runs along the beachfront. Seeing the sea is good for my soul!


15 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude – Day 1 – Day 6

    1. It is – and even better if I see dolphins. I always feel in the “right place” or having made the right decisions that day if I see dolphins.

  1. I’m loving this 30 Days. Makes you realise exactly what you do have to be grateful for. I’m going to put it all together in my Project Life at the end of Nov x

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    1. So very true! I am always blown away when people say they have not been to the beach in years as it is too far away…… I had been there 3 times in one weekend and I lived further away than the girl I was talking to. This is PE!

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