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A support group!

Ah, the relief – I am not the only one.  In fact I think I have found a site that makes me look like a bit of a slacker in the “I love notebooks” department.  Look at this blog –

How amazing are some of these books.  I want, I want, I want!!!!

And in totally related news I am not allowed to visit Cape Town or Jo’burg in the near future as I might blow my upcoming Christmas bonus (if I get one)at Typo!  Can you please all STOP blogging about this shop.  It is making me sick with jealousy.

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30 Days of Gratitude – Day 15 to Day 19

Day 15 – I am grateful for the ladies at my art classes I go to. I have been going for over 11 years and it is more about the social aspect that actually getting any painting done.

Day 16 – I am grateful that it is Friday!

Day 17 – I am grateful that I get to spend the day with Little OL.  She is getting cuter and cuter each day.

Day 18 – I am grateful to Mr OL for watching and entertaining Little OL so I could do a triathlon in the morning and finish decorating over 100 Christmas cookies that a friend ordered.

Christmas Tree Cookies iced and ready for wrapping.

Day 19 – I am grateful that it feels like summer is well and truly here!  I woke up this morning and it just had that summer feeling about it. When I was out in my car at lunch time the temperature said 30 degrees (which made me grateful for air-con). But I love summer!!!!!

Wrapped Christmas Tree Cookie