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A support group!

Ah, the relief – I am not the only one.  In fact I think I have found a site that makes me look like a bit of a slacker in the “I love notebooks” department.  Look at this blog –

How amazing are some of these books.  I want, I want, I want!!!!

And in totally related news I am not allowed to visit Cape Town or Jo’burg in the near future as I might blow my upcoming Christmas bonus (if I get one)at Typo!  Can you please all STOP blogging about this shop.  It is making me sick with jealousy.

9 thoughts on “A support group!

    1. lol. I don’t think my gratefulness can be pushed that far. Maybe grateful I live in PE, otherwise I would be going to that shop often. But like Mel below I probably would not end up buying anything – and then need to go back, and back, and back!

  1. i stumbled upon a Typo recently….didnt buy anything except 1 teachers gift….purely because I became utterly overwhelmed! I wanted everything so walked out with nothing…typical of me. Dont give me too much choice cos I stall like a cheap car. 😦

    1. it is probably better that way…

      Its a stationery and gift shop. If you go to the Australian site Cotton On, then Typo they have details there.

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