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Latest iced cookie attempts

Lately a couple of my friends have been requesting cookies.  Normally I say no.  It is hard work, takes time and generally just ice cookies for fun but over the past month of so I have said yes (extra cash for Christmas……)

Here are some pictures of the ones I did for a Pamper Party.

Lingerie Cookies for a Pamper Party.
Lingerie Cookies for a Pamper Party.


White Lingerie Cookies
White Lingerie Cookies


Black Lingerie Cookies
Black Lingerie Cookies


Pink Lingerie Cookies
Pink Lingerie Cookies




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No excuses!

Sporty or active residents of Port Elizabeth and surrounds (and those visiting over the holidays) have NO reason to complain that there is “nothing to do”.  In fact the list is so extensive you actually now have to pick and choose.

I have decided to compile a little list here just to highlight exactly how much is going on in PE over the next month or so.  And these are only the ones that I know about.  If you have an event in the area over the holidays you can let me know and I will add it to the list.


Summer Series   

16th December 2012 – PORT ELIZABETH (Competed)

23th December 2012 – POLLOK BEACH  (Competed)

26th December 2012 – PORT ST FRANCIS

The races are sprint distance – so 750m swim, 20km cycle and a 5km run.  It can be done as an individual or as a team.  There is also a run, swim run event which will be held at Port Elizabeth and Pollok Beach events.

Website for more info:  Zports Summer Tri Series

Trail Running

15 December  Van Der Kemp’s Kloof Trail Run

Organised by the Malabar Athletics Club – Starts at 8:00 am, at Van Der Kemp’s Kloof, Water Road, Bethelsdorp

Distances 16km, 5km, 3km

Website for more info:  Van Der Kemp’s Kloof Trail Run  and Malabar AC Facebook Page 

15 December        Discovery Beach Marathon

18 km St Francis to Jeffrey’s bay (3km on tar road followed by 15 km along beach (including a river crossing)

Website for more info: Sunflower Discovery Beach Run

17 December        Cape Recife Trail Run  (Competed)

5km, 10 km and 20km options

Website for more info: Cape Recife Trail Run

Every Thursday – Sixty Minutes of Mayhem

Held every Thursday night at 6pm, run as many loops of 2.6km as you can in 60 minutes.

Website for more info:  Sixty Minutes of Mayhem

Every (or most) Wednesday nights

An informal training run in Baakens Valley starting at Bridge Street, meeting at 5:15 – 10km.

Website for more info:  Free Spirit Adventures – Facebook page

Open Water Swimming

Ocean Racing Series (ongoing – and competed in a few)

Every alternate Sunday at Hobie Beach –starting again on 13 January 2013.

Website for more info: Ocean Racing Series

22 & 23 December – Marina Mile

Held in Marina Martinque with various distances from 25km (ouch) to 500m.  There is more information on their website with regards to the different distances.

Website for more info: Marina Mile

31 December – Nelson Mandela Bay Mile  (Competed)

A one mile (1.6km) swim from Humewood Beach to Kings Beach (one way)

Website for more info:  Nelson Mandela Bay Mile

Mountain Biking

Every Thursday – Sixty Minutes of Mayhem

Held every Thursday night, ride as many loops of 3.1km as you can in 60 minutes.

Website for more info:  Sixty Minutes of Mayhem

17 December – Hopewell Open Day Ride

Starting at 8:00 am and held in conjunction with Masters and Ladies Cycle club, there are various distances from 12km to 30 km.

Website for more info:  Masters and Ladies Facebook page

 So now you have absolutely NO excuse not to put on your running shoes, dust of your bike or put on a swim cap and goggles.  Get out there and do something this festive season.  (then no guilt for that extra Christmas Mince Pie)

Facebook pages to like if you want to keep informed of events in this area.

Trail Busters

Mountain Events

Nelson Mandela Bay Events

Trail Running EC

Swimming Plus

Go Trail Editor


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More photos…

Here are two more pictures from the weekend.

The first one is of me throwing Little OL as far as I can in the pool. She loves it!  If you look carefully at the photo you will see that, at that point, only her feet are in the water.  She goes right under and comes up laughing.  I love the fact that she loves swimming.

Throwing Little OL around in the pool
Throwing Little OL around in the pool

The second photo I just like.

Relaxing at the Beacon Isle pool.
Relaxing at the Beacon Isle pool.
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A long fantastic weekend.

I am happy!  I am not sure if it is because I am training lots, if it is because I hired a life coach and I am seeing the results, if it is because of the 30 Days of Gratitude, if it is because it is summer or most probably a combination of all of these but whatever it is long may it continue!

This weekend definitely added to my “happiness” feelings.  A while back I decided to take Friday off.  I could not get my regular hair appointment; the only one available was during working hours, I booked it anyway.  After I booked it I was wondering how to go about getting the time off and then decided to take the whole day and do a total pamper spoil day, something I have never done before so I booked myself a pedicure and massage as well.  Ahhhh – the joys.  My biggest problem was ensuring I kept my toenails (running and toenails are not good friends).  The day was awesome – not that I will have much leave left after January, but this is something I will do again.

Then on Saturday the OL family took a trip to Plett for breakfast.  A really good friend and her family was visiting from the UK so we met them at the Beacon Isle Hotel.  It was stunning – we ate breakfast and then headed to the pool for the rest of the morning.  I could have stayed there for quite a while longer.  We used to go to Plett often growing up and it is one of my favourite places – definitely a “happy place”.  The last time I was there was when I was pregnant and we went to see the same friend.  Between us we now have an extra kid each.  But it was still like we saw each other not so long ago – I miss her.  You can see photos from the last time we where there over HERE.

Beacon Isle Hotel
Beacon Isle Hotel
The 2 "new kids"
The 2 “new kids”


Enough photos mom!
Enough photos mom!

On Sunday morning I met a friend at Hobie Beach for a quick ride before we took part in the Ocean Race Series swim.  It was my first Ocean Race Series swim of this season and I was reasonably happy with the results.  It was supposed to be 1 km, but according to my Garmin it was about 1.53km (some of this extra was probably down to my zig-zagging but not all) and I did it in 29 minutes.  If I swim that pace in East London at the 70.3 I will be fine.

All this beach, sea, sand, pools and sun has got me feeling like it is summer holidays.  One more week of work.  I cannot wait!!!

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Random photos

Little OL trying to distract  us from the fact that it was bed time by being super cute.
Little OL trying to distract us from the fact that it was bed time by being super cute.
The pony tail lasted a whole 30 mins.  Which is about 29.5 mins longer than ever before.
The pony tail lasted a whole 30 mins. Which is about 29.5 mins longer than ever before.
We spent a morning hanging out here!  Plett - one of my favourite places
We spent a morning hanging out here! Plett – one of my favourite places
Ready for some early morning swim training....
Ready for some early morning swim training….
my silhouette cameo arrived. Can't wait to use it!
my silhouette cameo arrived. Can’t wait to use it!


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A new start!

I hate shopping (unless it is for sports stuff or crafty stuff – usually bought online) and so tend make do with what is in my wardrobe, even if it is too big, too worn, too perished (bikini I bought in 1999) or just plain too “not me anymore”.  I have clothes in my wardrobe that I bought in the 90’s (actually I have clothes in my wardrobe that my mom bought in the 60’s but I am calling them vintage).  Not anymore!  I have been on a chucking out spree (well, a donate to others spree but it amounts to the same thing)

The problem is that I never buy anything new; I tend to go the shops, pick something up and put it down again thinking I have something similar at home.  Now I don’t!  I need new clothes, I have needed new clothes for quite a while and new shoes and a new bikini!

And now that my sister is home I have somebody to help me – yes, you read that correctly my sister decided to come home and landed yesterday!!!  Oh happiness is.  I am totally bouncing off the walls with joy.  Hopefully she steers me away from the kiddies clothing section. Whenever I head out with the intentions of buying clothes from myself I come home with bags for Little OL!  Only problem is that my sister hates shopping almost as much as I do.

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Uncle Jumbo’s

Last night we went to Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas party.  It is held annually in Port Elizabeth – in fact this year is its 49th year!  Very impressive!  I remember going as a kid and absolutely loving it and by the looks of it Little OL loved it just as much.  We were originally meant to go on Saturday but it was cancelled due to the weather, they thankfully put on an extra show last night.

It starts off with a ride in a trailer pulled by a tractor from where you park your car, across a field to an area where they have laid out hay bales in a large semi-circle with a set up front.  The kids are all kept busy by the clowns until the “entertainment” starts and then the clowns stay with them and guide them in what to do.  It is awesome – Uncle Jumbo comes out, followed by Big Ears and Noddy.  The kids need to chase them around, catch them, scream for them to stop, beg Mr Plod not to arrest Noddy and many other interactive things.  It ends off with Father Christmas and Tinkerbell handing out presents to all the kids.

Uncle Jumbo's Christmas Party
Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas Party

Image Credit:

I thought that at 2 Little OL would be too young for it, but I was wrong. She LOVED it (after having something to eat – we had a bit of a melt down before that).

It is also great for the parents, we went in a large group and sat chatting while the kids where all being entertained.  It brought back such happy memories and we will most definitely be going back for years to come.  It was quite weird going as an adult though, especially when I remember it so vividly from when I was a child.

Have you been?  Have you taken your kids?

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30 Days of Gratitude – Day 30

So this is the final day in the 30 Days of Gratitude.  I must say that I have enjoyed doing it.  I am in general very grateful for what and who I have in my life and generally consider myself to be very lucky but it has been good to write it down.

So, to end this off I am going to say what I am most grateful for.

Day 30 – I am grateful for my family.  My mom, sister, brother, dad and of course Mr OL and Little OL.  Extended family as well which includes friends.  I have a group of people that I know that I can rely on, and that love me.  It makes me very grateful and I hope they all realise how much I appreciate them.