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Uncle Jumbo’s

Last night we went to Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas party.  It is held annually in Port Elizabeth – in fact this year is its 49th year!  Very impressive!  I remember going as a kid and absolutely loving it and by the looks of it Little OL loved it just as much.  We were originally meant to go on Saturday but it was cancelled due to the weather, they thankfully put on an extra show last night.

It starts off with a ride in a trailer pulled by a tractor from where you park your car, across a field to an area where they have laid out hay bales in a large semi-circle with a set up front.  The kids are all kept busy by the clowns until the “entertainment” starts and then the clowns stay with them and guide them in what to do.  It is awesome – Uncle Jumbo comes out, followed by Big Ears and Noddy.  The kids need to chase them around, catch them, scream for them to stop, beg Mr Plod not to arrest Noddy and many other interactive things.  It ends off with Father Christmas and Tinkerbell handing out presents to all the kids.

Uncle Jumbo's Christmas Party
Uncle Jumbo’s Christmas Party

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I thought that at 2 Little OL would be too young for it, but I was wrong. She LOVED it (after having something to eat – we had a bit of a melt down before that).

It is also great for the parents, we went in a large group and sat chatting while the kids where all being entertained.  It brought back such happy memories and we will most definitely be going back for years to come.  It was quite weird going as an adult though, especially when I remember it so vividly from when I was a child.

Have you been?  Have you taken your kids?