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A new start!

I hate shopping (unless it is for sports stuff or crafty stuff – usually bought online) and so tend make do with what is in my wardrobe, even if it is too big, too worn, too perished (bikini I bought in 1999) or just plain too “not me anymore”.  I have clothes in my wardrobe that I bought in the 90’s (actually I have clothes in my wardrobe that my mom bought in the 60’s but I am calling them vintage).  Not anymore!  I have been on a chucking out spree (well, a donate to others spree but it amounts to the same thing)

The problem is that I never buy anything new; I tend to go the shops, pick something up and put it down again thinking I have something similar at home.  Now I don’t!  I need new clothes, I have needed new clothes for quite a while and new shoes and a new bikini!

And now that my sister is home I have somebody to help me – yes, you read that correctly my sister decided to come home and landed yesterday!!!  Oh happiness is.  I am totally bouncing off the walls with joy.  Hopefully she steers me away from the kiddies clothing section. Whenever I head out with the intentions of buying clothes from myself I come home with bags for Little OL!  Only problem is that my sister hates shopping almost as much as I do.