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The way to this girl’s heart

Mr OL knows me pretty well. I suppose he should after 5 years of marriage but still… I was pretty impressed.  He definitely knows the way to this girl’s heart.

Not only did he watch Little OL in the morning so I could do a 15km race in Jefferies Bay with my sister, when I returned home he had set up everything in the lounge ready for me to paint the walls.

He had moved the furniture, put down the drop cloth, got out the ladder, paints, rollers and brushes and then he took Little OL for most of the day so I could just enjoy painting the walls.  He did pop in every now and then, one of the times bringing me lunch.  What more could a girl ask for?

He did however realise that he might need to be a little bit more specific with his instructions…. As he headed out he said “please don’t paint any more WALLS than the ones we discussed.”  I didn’t, but he is lucky that I ran out of white spray paint after also painting a pot and a large candle stick……

PS:  The feature wall in our lounge is now black!  Here is a picture, but I am going to change the art work (and in time the couch). I moved those paintings from elsewhere in the house but they don’t work.  I will need to paint some more specifically for here.

Black feature wall
Black feature wall

8 thoughts on “The way to this girl’s heart

    1. We replaced the flooring and the existing colour just did not look right. I saw a black wall in a restuarant and it looked awesome so thought I woudl give it a try.

  1. It looks good. I used to do all the painting around our house too…DH is just too messy;-) Now I use one of the painters at the Mission and he does whatever I want him too.

    Your focal wall looks great and I am sure everything is going to be perfect once you get everything done as planned.

    1. thanks. I enjoy doing it (although I was a bit over it after 3 coats I must admit). I can’t wait to see it all completed.

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