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Starting the year with a PB

My first race of the year went a whole lot better than my first race of last year – I am hoping that this is a sign of good things to come!

On Saturday my sister and I travelled through to Jeffery’s Bay to do the Woodlands Dairy 15km road race.  It went very well and as I passed the 5km mark I realised that it was my fasted 5km ever.  I also realised that those 5km’s were all downhill.  As it turns out the first 8km are all pretty much downhill.  That meant that the next 7 would all be up hill and I was expecting it to all turn pear shaped!  Well, they went a whole lot better than expected.  I walked only once (good for me on hills) and hit very close to a PB (Personal Best – for those non-runners) at the 10km mark and ended with a PB of over 2 minutes for 15km.  Ah happiness.

But, my running for the day was not over.  I bought Little OL a new pair of takkies earlier in the week and she has declared that they are her running shoes and that she now needs to run with mom.  When I got home we put them on, some shorts and tied her hair in to a pony. We then went for a “run” together – all the way around the block.  It was so cute!  She wanted to hold my hand and at the end asked for a high five! We really want to encourage the belief that sport is something you do for life and not just at school because it’s compulsory.  I hope that by the example we are setting she sees sport is something to be enjoyed and embraced.  I am very fortunate that my mom is still very active.  She still competes in races, goes on hikes and walks etc.  I have a great example that you are never too old, and hopefully I can pass this on as well.  That would be my best.