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Pure madness! Want to join in?

Yesterday driving home from work I thought “Pamela, You are justifiably insane!”  It suddenly occurred to me that I had just spent 7:30 hours sitting on my butt at work and it had felt LONG, very long.  7:30 hours – the same amount of time it took me to do the half Ironman the day before.

How on earth is it possible to keep moving for that amount of time?  I mean, how is it physically possible – and to still enjoy it (well most of it).  And that is not the worst – my first Ironman took me 16:39 hours.  So, for 16:39 hours I was moving, very slow at times, but moving.  And I know there are people out there that do much longer events.  Are we all totally mad?  Actually don’t answer that!

And, just incase you would like to join the insanity entries are already open for next year – see you on the 26th January 2014….

18 thoughts on “Pure madness! Want to join in?

  1. I always tell people who ask me ‘how far do you run’? I say : I am an ENJOYMENT runner…the one that smiles and waves…not an ENDURANCE runner….the one that grits their teeth and pushes on! I just do NOT have the gutzpah to do what you superathletes do. It amazes me. I have my eye set on the Africa X next year though. Three day trail race (90kms) I think that will be as tough as I will ever go! Russ has done zillions of triathlons but has given up tryna get me involved….now he is just a trailee like me! :-))

    1. I am tending to swing more towards trails at the moment too. I love it!
      But saying that I am more a smile and wave kind of triathlete too……

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