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Pre-school – tiring work

Turns out there is a huge difference between pre-school (with aftercare) and day-care.

Little OL fell asleep in the car on the way home from work and only woke up again at 6:15 the following morning.  She did not even wake when I washed her face, undressed her or put on her pajama’s.


dirty work -this pre-school thing
dirty work -this pre-school thing



18 thoughts on “Pre-school – tiring work

    1. Yes, also she is used to a afternoon nap, but at the after-care the bigger kids don’t sleep so she doesn’t want to either. she is loving it though!

    1. I am taking dirt as a good sign. She comes home covered in dirt from head to toe each day. I love that they get to play outside so much.

    1. It is, as long as she sleeps all the way though. Last night unfortunately she woke back up at 10. Not such a good thing because she was then wide awake.

  1. that face is priceless!!!
    Fysh starts grade 00 in feb, first time he’ll be at a school (been with a nanny since he was 5 months old) am pretty excited!
    nervous about these afternoon naps though as he gave those up when he turned one

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