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Daisy cookies

Now something that makes me happy – daisy cookies.  Made for a friend’s daughter’s Upsy Daisy themed birthday party.

One thing I can say is that heat and humidity are not kind to Royal Icing!


Upsy Daisy Cookies
Upsy Daisy Cookies


Biscuits by Pamela (me)
Biscuits by Pamela (me)


14 thoughts on “Daisy cookies

  1. Gorgeous Pam, i really love them!

    I had a three tier wedding cake in Dec – and it was so humid and hot that all my hearts, and the actual sugarpaste on the cake started melting and went all sticky. I was a very stressed bunny!

    1. Yes, its not fun. And there is not much you can do about it. We have aircon in our lounge so next time I might have to move there!

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