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Its not easy

I generally love being a working woman.  I get satisfaction from bringing in my “own” money and from the interaction with my peers. Especially when asked for my opinion or for advice.  I feel equal in my relationship and that I don’t have to answer to Mr OL on how I spend “my” money.  (Not that I feel a SAHM/D should either – another debate) However at the moment I am really battling with the conflict of being a full time working woman and a mom.

Little OL loves her new pre-school but I am finding that having her in the after-care is making the day just too long for her.  Last year she was a day care till 5 as well, but it was geared towards the younger kids. They had strict nap times and (I believe) that they ensured they all ate – although I did have my doubts that she ate everything they said she did.  She’s never been the biggest eater.

Now, every day her lunch boxes are coming back untouched or pretty close to it.  I am trying all her favourites but no joy.  I would not stress too much about this, but she is also not napping at the school and so comes home exhausted and falls asleep in the car.  The first day I woke her but that was a total disaster, now I just put her to bed. She sleeps through – yip, over 13 hours straight.  The problem is that she is then also skipping dinner.  I need to get food in the child at some stage!

I have spoken to the school and we are trying different options.  Yesterday was better and she did actually nap at school and so was awake for dinner. Happiness, but generally this is making me question my reasons for working full day.  I know that this is something that gets worse not better.  As she gets older she is going to need me more and more in the afternoons – what with homework, after school activities etc.

Unfortunately even going half day is not really an option at the moment though so it is just something I (and all the other full time working parents) am going to have to deal with.  It sucks!


12 thoughts on “Its not easy

  1. She probably just needs some time to adjust to the new routine. When they start Gr 1 they make the day a lot shorter because it is alot of them – so give her some time 🙂

    What about a snack in the car on the way home? Does she fall asleep too quickly? The snack may give her a boost to stay awake?

    1. I have tried that but she maybe gets one mouthful and thats it. I am then worried that she falls asleep with it in her mouth. I am also hoping that as she gets used to it, it will get better. Or we can figure out a way to get her down to nap at school.

  2. I know it’s difficult and I too feel the way you feel but if one can’t afford to stay at home with them, either half day or full day, then there’s really no other way 😦 It’s sad and such a harsh reality. Grrrrr!

  3. I feel for you…it sucks when you want to be with your child and have to be at work. I hope that eventually you will either get her into a workable routine that she doesn’t skip meals or get your work sorted to flexi time.

  4. Oh its tough! I understand 100%. I find juggling things very hard this year. And what’s worse is that you get no time with her. I am sure it is just a matter of adjusting. What about asking to work in lunch and go home earlier? Any chance of that? I did that for a few years.

    1. Unfortunately my lunch is only 30 mins as is so its not going to make that much of a difference. If it was an hour I would definintly ask.

  5. I have a snack in the car for the Bunny, or she has whatever lunch she didn’t eat on the way home, so that when she does pass out, at least she’s eaten something. 13 hours straight through is awesome – I believe she should be sleeping about 12, so that’s wonderful, it’s just getting her to eat first that’s the tricky bit. The Bunny has got into a routine now (year two at preschool) and eats all her snack and her lunch, and is awake for at least an hour after we get home, if not all night(which means she has a sarmie as soon as we walk in Just.In.Case!) Hope that helps.

    1. Thank you. I tried getting her to eat first in the car yesterday. We managed to get in about 4 mouth fulls before she fell asleep. 4 is better than nothing….

  6. What about having a quick sandwich at school before you start driving?

    We give ours a yoghurt at church straight afterwards and then drive home otherwise when they fall asleep they wake because they’re hungry and don’t nap properly 🙂

    1. She is point blank refusing to eat sandwiches at the moment. I have started trying to give her a fruit snack or biltong, or something. I must do it before I start driving – maybe that would work. Last night again she fell straight asleep in the car and only woke up this moring at 6:30.

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