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Sometimes luck has everything to do with it.

This week has calmed down again, but at the moment I kind of feel that everything is just getting a little bit out of control.

Last week my dad had a stroke – very minor and we were VERY lucky.  It could have been so much worse.  Thankfully my brother had somebody working at my dad’s house that my dad was supposed to open up for.  When my dad did not open he called my brother.  My brother then phoned my dad who insisted he was fine and would open up in a few minutes.  He said this each time my brother phoned.  My brother phoned 5 times!  Thankfully his painter kept phoning him back and telling him that my dad had not opened.  Even when my brother when around there my dad said he would open and did not.  My brother eventually told him that he had 5 minutes to open the door or he was breaking in.  He broke in!

We hate to think what could have happened had we not had that painter there.  My dad was unable to get up out of his chair, but kept telling us over the phone that he was fine – and he sounded fine.  I have told him that next time he tells me he is fine over the phone I am rushing over there straight away.  Normally when you phone to find out how he is he moans about this or that or need this or help with that. The one time he does actually require help he says he is fine.

He spent a few nights in hospital but is back at home again.  He has refused to come and stay at my place, even for a few nights. We have him on a waiting list for an Old Age Home, but he has been on their emergency list for nearly 2 years now….. We are also going to arrange a carer a few hours a day from Algoa Bay Council for the aged, so hopefully that is sorted by next week.

It is a tough one, getting old sucks and seeing your parents get old sucks even more.

I am very fortunate though to have both my siblings in the same town and to have my brother who has taken on so much of this.  How he remains so patient with my dad is beyond me.

This photo was taken at my brother’s wedding in 2009 – yes, I was pregnant at the time.


14 thoughts on “Sometimes luck has everything to do with it.

  1. Your poor Dad. Thank goodness it was not too serious! I think that old people are all the same. Never tell the whole truth when they are sick.

  2. I am so glad he is okay. I can just imagine the fright you guys got. Why didn’t he just say that he couldn’t get up? Too proud? Shame man, I hope he gets into a home for the aged soon.

    1. He is still saying that he felt like he could, but was tired. We have given him BIG lectures! Let’s hope if something similar happens again he let’s us know.

    1. Me too, we just keep saying to each other how lucky we were that the painter was there, and that he stayed. My dad’s domestic just left without trying to find out why.

    1. Very tough! The hardest thing is that he was so strong before. I hate seeing him like this, although he is strong now when you don’t want him to be.

  3. Oh man Pamie – that is scary! So glad he is okay and that you all are there to look after him.

    Bizarrely the same thing happened to my neighbour last week, I found her lying in her yard!! She was unable to get up; i got her into the house and called the doc. They now think she had a mini stroke and is booked off for a month. The poor thing is a spinster but her nephew is in and out all the time and I am trying not to be too interfering as she is INSANELY INDEPENDENT!!

  4. I’m SOOO glad your dad is okay! And wow, how about that painter and your brother!

    I missed something along the way – did you not say at one point your sis was emigrating to Aus?

    That’s a GORGEOUS pic of all of you – pregnancy suits you 🙂 🙂

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