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Feb Blog Challange – Dream House

February Blog Challange

The challenge for today is to describe your dream home.  Since I was very young I have had the same house in mind – or at least it always had the same elements.  It needed to be open plan, it needed to be in an old open repurposed building and it needed to have different levels.

What I mean by old building is warehouse or church or fire station.  What can I say I was an odd child.  I used to draw my “house” all the time and even knew which buildings around PE would suit it. All this before I entered high school.  I desperately wanted my parents to buy me the Old Fire Station on Albany Road for my 10th birthday – they said no.  I have even begged and pleaded for the Hobie Club – have you been inside that building.  It would be perfect, large open plan with a mezzanine floor for my bedroom.  The building I still lust after is the tramways building  at the bottom of Old Valley Road – I LOVE that building and am glad they are finally fixing it up.  Look at THIS blog post from Port Elizabeth Daily Photo for a picture and THIS post for a picture of the Fire Station (unfortuntely the people who did buy it where not kind – it used to be an beautiful building!!!0

Some things did change over time; at one stage I wanted a huge tree in the middle with a various platforms and ladders from it.  I wanted a fire man’s pole and even rope ladders to get to the different platforms.  At one stage all my platforms where to be suspended from the roof.

Now, I would still love to repurpose an old building, I would still love an open plan house but would probably skip the different levels and rope ladders.  Now my dream house is a little more functional.  Somewhere to spend time as a family but each with our own space.  A space for a home gym as well as an art studio / office and a state of the art kitchen (we are talking dream home after all).  The finishes must be simple though, steel, concrete and brick. There must be no elaborate flourishes or gilding – that open plan loft / studio look is what I love.

Can you tell I have thought about this for a very long time – and yes, I did think of studying architecture.  Actually I did more than just think about it, I did the first year at UPE, but I was too young and confused at the time and thought I would rather go travelling first and maybe go back to it later.  It was one of those things that just never happened.


10 thoughts on “Feb Blog Challange – Dream House

  1. Oh man that Tramways building is stunning!!!! I must I always like the apartments you see often in movies that are just one big open space.

    1. I love them but am not so sure how practical they would be to actually live in. Our home now is pretty open plan, but has enough walls to make seperate rooms if needed. So although no doorway as such between them we are still able to watch TV in one and read in another (or watch a different channel)

  2. Our home has been home to us for 26 years. It has developed around us and we made it into what suited us. I think I am living in my own dream home. Told my DH years ago…he will have to sell me along with the house.

    1. To be truthful ours is getting there. The only thing missing is a gym area and studio/craft area. Other than that we have a fantastic indoor entertainment area and it is mostly open plan.

      1. Pics please!!! 🙂

        I love lofts – love love love them but of course, not now with these loud 3.5 year olds! It would suit me because I love open plan and clutter-free which my dream home would be. Best? no garden and no darn pool!

      2. I also need a garden and pool now, although in my childhood dream house that was all inside the ware house. At one stage it even had roof that opened…..

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