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FBC – What’s in my hand bag

What is inside my hand bag?


Besides the junk, like till slips, bits of paper etc I have the following:

My wallet (which is also full of paper stuff, discount cards, store cards etc), an assortment of pens, a glue stick, 1 x Moleskin notepad, 1 x themed notepad, 1 x mini Moleskin diary (its that blue one – and I have a pen that matches it), cell phone, an expired 15 % discount card for Le Cruset (which could unfortunately only be redeemed in store and we don’t have a store…..) paper tags (large and small), a ball of string, an apple and a few peppermints that are kicking around the bottom somewhere. It also contains a little bag that a friend brought from Turkey for me which has my essentials – Labello and lip gloss (both of which I never use), tampons and a Swiss Army Knife.

It is actually pretty clean and empty at the moment.  For once there is nothing kiddie or sports related.  Sometimes there are spare socks (mine), wet wipes (for Little OL), spare swimming googles (me) or my Garmin.   I do try and sort it out (declutter) once a week, but it generally happens every fortnight or so.

In my hand bag
In my hand bag


Believe it or not, until I was about 28 I did not have a handbag. I would only ever carry a wallet or more likely just put money in my pockets.  Now I tend to have only 1 hand bag and use it till it falls apart.  I will then buy (or be given a friends hand me down out of sympathy) another one.