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FBC: An Ordinary Life – Why that name?

The February Blog Challange of the day is:  What is the meaning of my blog name – An Ordinary Life

I know it is a pretty boring name right – but what I wanted to somehow convey was that I am an ordinary girl, I come from an ordinary city, from an ordinary family, I went to an ordinary school and work in an ordinary job and yet I believe it is possible to do some quite extraordinary things, which is what I feel that I have done in my life. (Although not so much lately)

I have been around the world – yes, right around it!  As well as up and down between the UK, Europe and South Africa a few times.  I have climbed Kilimanjaro, I have done Ironman (twice), I have lived in 6 different countries since finishing high school and throw myself at a variety of hobbies.  I like to learn stuff, try new things and meet different people.  I love learning about different cultures and places. I read a lot, and its a combination of fiction and non-fiction.  I did not do any of this with a university degree or lots of money.  I made different choices to a lot of my friends and worked hard.  I scrimped and saved and decided on what it was that I wanted to do – which at the time was travel.  I was also fortunate that my parents gave me the air-ticket to London for my 21st but all spending money and subsequent travel was up to me.

Since I returned home I have studied and now have a university degree through Unisa, which I paid for by working full time and studying at night.  I have also done various other courses and have had a number of jobs in various different industries.  I married at 35 and have a daughter that is about to turn 3.  For all accounts I live a pretty ordinary life, but know that for me it is possible to do extraordinary things – as it is for everybody!

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