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Kids’ photos?

I went to our first parents evening at Little OL’s new school last week.  It was good and just cemented the reasons why I have chosen that school for Little OL.

There was one item raised that got me thinking though. At the meeting they said that they are in the process of getting a new website designed and they would like to use photos of kids working and playing – no posed photos.  On the old website the only photos were empty class rooms or the backs of heads.  They will be sending out consent forms later this week requesting permission to use our child’s photographs on the website.  My initial reaction was NO!

But seriously – how stupid is that!  I have an open blog.  I post her photos here. I have a Facebook page, I post her photos there – not all the albums are private.  I have even put her photo on Twitter.  Why would I object to having her photos on the school website?  Then I started thinking about all the kids that do child modelling – their photos are out there.   I know that I am living with a false sense of anonymity or was until 6000 shattered it a couple of years ago.  I have tried to keep Little OL’s name out of my blog, as well as the name of her school.  In fact I have not even put the name of her school up on private posts on FB.  If any of my friends ask then I send them a message as opposed to putting it on my wall.  It would not be that hard to figure out though.  Do you post the name of your kid’s school on your blog?

Do you feel that having your kids’ photos up on your blog or Facebook is putting them in any sort of additional danger?  How would you feel about having your kids’ photos on the school’s website?

Here is a photo of Little OL taken over the weekend – I can’t believe how grown up she is getting.

1st Pony Ride!
1st Pony Ride!
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FBC – Last Meal

FBC – Death Row Meal

Firstly I am going to change the name of the challenge for today from “Death Row Meal” to “Last Meal”.  For some reason the thought of sitting on Death Row freaks me out a whole lot more than actually dying.  Something to do with the “how did I get into that position” I mean seriously – what do you need to do to get to death row, or if you did nothing, imagine the panic, the continual need to be proven innocent, the angst, the anger, hatred, the emotional turmoil.  The judicial system has failed you, and generally it would take years.  Nope, I am not going there

So – FBC – Last Meal.

For my last meal I would like something that I actually have quite often – a rare steak, done on an open fire.  It must be thick and well aged.  It must be a deep red colour with a little bit of marbling.  Yes, I am fussy when it comes to my steak.  It must NOT have basting sauce on it; actually they must just ask Mr OL to cook it on the fire. I am not 100% sure what he puts on it but he does it best.

To go with my steak I would like medium cut crispy chips.  Soft and fluffy on the inside with crispy bits breaking off on the outside.  No salad, no veggies – nothing to complicate matters.  Just chips and steak!  Just give me that, with a bit of salt from  grinder.

I don’t even need starters or desserts, totally unnecessary! But if we are going to go there, then a Carpaccio for starters, or a Steak Tartare (yes I have a thing for raw meat) and for dessert a Crème Brulee.