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FBC – My dream bedroom

I am pretty much an anything goes kind of girl…. as long as I have a big, comfortable bed, clean good quality linen, preferably white.  Pure cotton (as long as I don’t need to do the ironing) and the higher the thread count the better – simple tastes…… 🙂

However, if I had to describe my ultimate dream bedroom with would be something perched on the side of a hill somewhere with an amazing view either of the sea or more preferably the mountains.  Frameless doors that opened right back onto a wraparound deck.  Ahhh bliss!  The décor would be minimal and in muted tones, natural finishes like stone and wood and maybe exposed concrete.

Actually just go and have a look at THIS HOUSE.  It is pretty much spot on!   Although I might not have such a dark throw on the bed – you know, if I was going to be really fussy…….

Dream view from bedroom
Dream view from bedroom

Picture from this blog – click here

My town apartment would have the views of the city…….





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The race that started it all

8 years ago Saturday morning I ran my first 10km ever, the Metlife Plaza Valentine’s Day run.  My mom convinced me to run it with her.  I had just started running again that January so 10km was quite a big deal.  I Googled my times and I completed it in 59.32 – quite good if I do say so myself.  The only reason I got under 1 hour was because my mom was with me the whole way yelling at encouraging me to keep running.  With about 1 km to go I told her to go ahead I could not do it any more and she did, but then my competitive streak kicked in and I followed desperately trying to keep up, she finished bout 20seconds ahead of me.  (It took me over 7 years to actually beat her in a race.)

I decided to do that race again this year and my goal this time was to do my fastest 10km.  It is a flat course and there was minimal wind, so I felt it was possible. The fact that I had not actually run in 2 weeks did cross my mind but as one of my friends said at the start it just meant my legs were fresh…..  it seemed to work – my official time for the 10km on Saturday was 56:04.  (On my watch it was 56:01:32 – which made me wish I had actually looked at me watch in the last 500m).  I am happy with that – they only other time I have gone quicker was in the Sunshine Coast Triathlon.

Just for the record, a year after that first 10km I ran my first half marathon.  It was the 2 Oceans and a year after that I did my first Ironman.  I still have not run a stand-alone marathon; it is a goal for this year.