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FBC – Favourite Childhood Book

I read a lot!  I always had my nose buried in a book.  So much so that when I was younger my parents used to say that the house could burn down around me and I would not notice – they were probably right.  I can’t however say that I had a favourite book I just used to read anything and everything I could get my hands on.  However, when I was about 10/11 my favourite series was The Famous Five.  I loved those books – I think I had them all!  Truth be told I had a bit of a secret crush on one of the characters – Julian…


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I have kept all my Famous Five books and they are now in Little OL’s cupboard waiting patiently until she is old enough to read them.  Although after watching the movie about Enid Blyton I have gone off her quite a bit.  Weird how it has tarnished my image of all her books.  Has anyone else seen the movie?

10 thoughts on “FBC – Favourite Childhood Book

  1. No, have’n’t seen the movie – thanks for the heads up – I’m weird like that too so I purposefully won’t watch it 🙂

    I loved Famous Five and the Secret Seven and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Oh man!

    1. for some reason I just did not like the Secret Seven. I read a few of the books but they did not grab me the way the Famous Five did. I did also enjoy Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys too though.

  2. I loved the Famous Five too, but my favourite favourite was teh Mallory Towers and St Claires series! LOVED them.

    Yes, saw the movie – we all have our quirks though?

    1. we do all have our quirks, I was just horrified at the way she treated her own children. The rest did not bother me so much.

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