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February so far

February has been an odd month. It seems as if the highs have been pretty high but the lows very, very low.

The beginning of the month had me questioning my friendship skills.  A lady that used to live next door to us committed suicide.  She moved last year and had asked me a couple of times to come to her new place for a drink and a chat – I said I would be never “got round to it”. Something always seemed to come up.  I know that my going round for a drink would probably not have changed the end result, but it still made me question a few things and she had two young sons that she left behind.  I think you will always question “how could she” in those kinds of circumstances.  I guess when you are at that stage you are not thinking logically.  Then the death of a somebody else had me realise just how quickly life can change, how quickly it can end.  You can seem healthy but you just never know.

Obviously the whole Oscar / Reeva episode has also affected the whole country in various ways.  Once again, it made me think about how quickly life can change.  How an action, by intent or by accident can affect and even devastate the lives of so many.

Those where the bad

The good – well, they kind of pale into insignificance when compared to the above, but they have made me feel better and in my life one of them at least is pretty huge – that is that Little OL turns 3 today.  Most of the time I can’t believe that I have a daughter, never mind one that is 3.

Opening presents - 3rd Birthday
Opening presents – 3rd Birthday

Other positive news is that my blog was featured on an on-line newsletter for ex-pat’s in the UK.  Click HERE to see it.  I was very chuffed to get asked if they could feature it.  Wow – it’s the first time anything like that has happened and it felt good.  It was the start of what felt like a very positive and lucky week for me.  First I received that email, and then I received 3 more emails on the same day saying I had won different things on various blogs or Facebook pages!  Followed by another email 2 days later saying I had won a CD.  I could not stop smiling and after the start to the month I felt like I needed it.

Then, to make my February even more special two other bloggers have been exceptionally kind and thoughtful.  I just want to say thank you – it really has meant a lot to me.  It reinforced why I blog – you meet such wonderful people and make friends,  even if only on-line, with people that you would never have the opportunity to meet in any other way due to circumstance or distance.  And, if you actually get to meet those people IRL it is fantastic.

How has your February been?  Good, bad or a combination?


I won items on the following blogs or FB pages – please go check them out.

Nicoletta – Cake decorating stuff.

The Mom City – a kiddies bath toy from Yookidoo

The Book Club Blog – a book, Shades by Marguerite Poland

And then a CD from a private blog of a special lady. 🙂  Thank you.

9 thoughts on “February so far

  1. Marguerite Poland is WONDERFUL!!!
    Sorry about your neighbour. I’m having to make an effort to interact with my people too – life gets sooo busy you just have to STOP for a second and remind yourself that people trump stuff… not easy.

  2. You are so right. Life can change in an eye blink. We need to be so careful of our choices, things we do and cherish what we have now.
    So cool that your blog was featured. That is for sure an honor.

    1. Yip, life does change in an instant. You always think if you are going to go early it is going to be through something like a car crash or on my bicycle or something but it could be something health related that you knew nothing about. We really do need to be aware of our bodies.

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