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FBC – Five Favourite Blogs

This one is nearly impossible to do.  I read quite a few blogs regularly and enjoy them all for different reasons.  I would not like to say that I prefer one over another.

I guess the one common thing that all the bogs I read have in common is that I connect with the blogger, but these may be for different reasons.  Some would be a personal reason or connection, like when I feel that we could be friends if we lived closer or that we have things in common or are at a similar place in our lives or our goals are similar.  With another blog it could be that the blogger is inspirational for various reasons or that they have fantastic skills in their chosen career, hobby or craft.  They could be blogging about a town or city I love or something else that interests me.  Others blogs could just be that I want to see how that person is doing, it might not seem that we have anything in common, or that they have a particular skill set that I admire, but I just “like” them and what they have to say.

Yet others could be that they “find” lovely things or are funny or entertaining.

And then there are those that I have absolutely NO idea why I read… The blogger is rude, we have nothing in common, I have no intention of ever meeting up IRL, he rips me off about Port Elizabeth and yet I go back and read his blog day after day (well at least once a week) – I must be a sucker for punishment!   EDIT:  Just to clarify – in case I offended although I don’t think I did as I know he has a sense of humour (one of the reasons why I read his blog) – the above was meant as a joke.  I really enjoy reading his blog and have done so for nearly as long as I have blogged 🙂

I could tell you to look at the right hand side for links to blogs I read regularly but there are so many more than just those few.