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FBC – A bit of a catch up.

22 – My dream wedding

I was never the girl that dreamt about getting married or having a big wedding.  I always thought that if I did get married I would elope.  Gretna Green was my destination…. However, Mr OL did not want to elope.  He thought there was nothing better than getting married in front of friends and family and stating that you intend to spend the rest of your life together.  I could not argue with that.  The wedding we had turned out to be my dream wedding.  It was understated, simple and small (ish).  I loved it.

23 – Meet 5 twitter friends.

This is another difficult one.  I am “friends”with a lot of people on twitter – quite a few of whose blogs I read too and am now friends with on FB.  The following people I would definitely like to meet (I have made it 6).   Robyn from @thebookclubblog and The Book Club Blog , @melbinos, @marciafrancois from The 1,2,3 Blog and Take Charge Solutions, @catjuggles from Juggling act of life, @laurakim123 from the Harrassed Mom and of course  @HayleyM_ from Everything In Between. There are many others that I would like to meet to, but those where the first 5 that came to mind (and that I have not already met.)

24 – Would you change anything physically about you and why.

No.  I am pretty happy with everything the way it is.

Actually – there is one thing.  I went grey really early and have been dying my hair since I was 19!  I am sick of it; I would love to have back the hair colour I had when I was 18.

13 thoughts on “FBC – A bit of a catch up.

  1. Thank you! I also want to meet you – I don’t know when. Do you know it’s most expensive for us to fly to PE? I did a comparison the other day WITH my 35% Diamond discount status, PE cost about R9000 for the 4 of us, George about R5600, CT R5000 and Dbn about R3800! CRAZY expensive!

    I am also very grey (went grey at 25 – I said Sage Life turned my hair grey 🙂 :)) and it takes WORK, doesn’t it?

    Also, gorgeous dress!

  2. I would LOVE to meet you too! If ever you are in Cape Town… In fact, make it a weekend and we can go and do arial silks together, I think you would rock it!!

    1. I would love to, however I would totally suck at it. I have zero strength. I am all about cardio. I need to work on it.

  3. Oh I would love to meet you too! WE are definetely PE in December this year – we shall plan for sure.

    And I am totally grey – my “natural ” hair colour is a number on a bottle at the hairdresser.

    1. Oh cool!!! lol – I alway just assume that everyone lives in CT or Jo-burg. Except for Lynette and Jonker who are also both in PE.

  4. Lynette and Jonker? Dont think I have come accross them. They blog too? Thats just awesome! Its so great to know I am not the only blogger from PE. Your’e right. I also just assume that people are from CT or Jhb.

  5. You looked lovely on your wedding day. My wedding day was very forgettable…but I have a wonderful husband and a marriage that has lasted 34 years.

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