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FBC – a doodle

A Doodle by me
A Doodle by me


I drew this using a fine-liner, correction pen (otherwise know as tippex) and my new favourite pen an ink brush pen by Pental – see HERE.  Its called a Pocket Brush Pen, I am guessing because unlike a normal brush you can just pop it in your pocket and it is ready to go.  It does takes some getting used to and I tend to be a bit shaky using it, but love it.  I will keep practising.

17 thoughts on “FBC – a doodle

    1. yip, this one I had to concentrate a bit more on than my normal meeting doodles. If I had to do this during a meeting I don’t think I would have heard anything…

  1. Nice, I wish I was this creative, my doodles (if you can call it that) are usually me writing using multiple pens in multiple colours, my boss once asked me if I was learning to write when he saw it (guess it was that bad)

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