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FBC – Favourite Baking Recipe

Every summer we would go camping for the entire 6 week school holiday and for weeks before hand my mom would try and stock up on baked goods.  I believe she found this recipe in a Your Family magazine and it was my favourite.  In the end she took to hiding the biscuits from me because otherwise I would finish them before we even hit the camp site.  She has since passed the recipe on to me and I now make them quite often. They are really easy and yum!

My mom says the original recipe called them Melting Moments or something like that.  I don’t know why I have in my mind Angels Delights.  My mom has long since lost the original magazine page, but thankfully typed this out.  She called them Piped Biscuits in the copy she gave me. 

Piped Biscuits 

250 g Butter

80 ml icing sugar – sifted

375 ml Flour

125 ml Cornflour

Cream butter and icing sugar until soft and creamy.  Sift flour and cornflour and work into butter mixture. 

Spoon dough into piping-bag fitted with medium rose tube.  Pipe “S” shapes, circles and finger shapes onto a lightly greased baking sheet.  Bake at 180°C. 15 minutes.  Cool.

Makes about 18.

Optional extra (and well worth it) Dip ends of biscuits in 100 g melted chocolate, leave to dry.


My one tip is that they are much easier to pipe when the butter is a bit softer – as in it really must be room temperature.  Also, it is easier if you don’t over fill the piping bag. Rather put a smaller amount in it and refill.

I hope you enjoy.

Yummy Mummy – your custard biscuits remind me a lot of these except yours are even easier to make and Mr OL prefers your recipe… 🙂


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Kids’ photos?

I went to our first parents evening at Little OL’s new school last week.  It was good and just cemented the reasons why I have chosen that school for Little OL.

There was one item raised that got me thinking though. At the meeting they said that they are in the process of getting a new website designed and they would like to use photos of kids working and playing – no posed photos.  On the old website the only photos were empty class rooms or the backs of heads.  They will be sending out consent forms later this week requesting permission to use our child’s photographs on the website.  My initial reaction was NO!

But seriously – how stupid is that!  I have an open blog.  I post her photos here. I have a Facebook page, I post her photos there – not all the albums are private.  I have even put her photo on Twitter.  Why would I object to having her photos on the school website?  Then I started thinking about all the kids that do child modelling – their photos are out there.   I know that I am living with a false sense of anonymity or was until 6000 shattered it a couple of years ago.  I have tried to keep Little OL’s name out of my blog, as well as the name of her school.  In fact I have not even put the name of her school up on private posts on FB.  If any of my friends ask then I send them a message as opposed to putting it on my wall.  It would not be that hard to figure out though.  Do you post the name of your kid’s school on your blog?

Do you feel that having your kids’ photos up on your blog or Facebook is putting them in any sort of additional danger?  How would you feel about having your kids’ photos on the school’s website?

Here is a photo of Little OL taken over the weekend – I can’t believe how grown up she is getting.

1st Pony Ride!
1st Pony Ride!
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FBC – Last Meal

FBC – Death Row Meal

Firstly I am going to change the name of the challenge for today from “Death Row Meal” to “Last Meal”.  For some reason the thought of sitting on Death Row freaks me out a whole lot more than actually dying.  Something to do with the “how did I get into that position” I mean seriously – what do you need to do to get to death row, or if you did nothing, imagine the panic, the continual need to be proven innocent, the angst, the anger, hatred, the emotional turmoil.  The judicial system has failed you, and generally it would take years.  Nope, I am not going there

So – FBC – Last Meal.

For my last meal I would like something that I actually have quite often – a rare steak, done on an open fire.  It must be thick and well aged.  It must be a deep red colour with a little bit of marbling.  Yes, I am fussy when it comes to my steak.  It must NOT have basting sauce on it; actually they must just ask Mr OL to cook it on the fire. I am not 100% sure what he puts on it but he does it best.

To go with my steak I would like medium cut crispy chips.  Soft and fluffy on the inside with crispy bits breaking off on the outside.  No salad, no veggies – nothing to complicate matters.  Just chips and steak!  Just give me that, with a bit of salt from  grinder.

I don’t even need starters or desserts, totally unnecessary! But if we are going to go there, then a Carpaccio for starters, or a Steak Tartare (yes I have a thing for raw meat) and for dessert a Crème Brulee.



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FBC: An Ordinary Life – Why that name?

The February Blog Challange of the day is:  What is the meaning of my blog name – An Ordinary Life

I know it is a pretty boring name right – but what I wanted to somehow convey was that I am an ordinary girl, I come from an ordinary city, from an ordinary family, I went to an ordinary school and work in an ordinary job and yet I believe it is possible to do some quite extraordinary things, which is what I feel that I have done in my life. (Although not so much lately)

I have been around the world – yes, right around it!  As well as up and down between the UK, Europe and South Africa a few times.  I have climbed Kilimanjaro, I have done Ironman (twice), I have lived in 6 different countries since finishing high school and throw myself at a variety of hobbies.  I like to learn stuff, try new things and meet different people.  I love learning about different cultures and places. I read a lot, and its a combination of fiction and non-fiction.  I did not do any of this with a university degree or lots of money.  I made different choices to a lot of my friends and worked hard.  I scrimped and saved and decided on what it was that I wanted to do – which at the time was travel.  I was also fortunate that my parents gave me the air-ticket to London for my 21st but all spending money and subsequent travel was up to me.

Since I returned home I have studied and now have a university degree through Unisa, which I paid for by working full time and studying at night.  I have also done various other courses and have had a number of jobs in various different industries.  I married at 35 and have a daughter that is about to turn 3.  For all accounts I live a pretty ordinary life, but know that for me it is possible to do extraordinary things – as it is for everybody!

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FBC – What’s in my hand bag

What is inside my hand bag?


Besides the junk, like till slips, bits of paper etc I have the following:

My wallet (which is also full of paper stuff, discount cards, store cards etc), an assortment of pens, a glue stick, 1 x Moleskin notepad, 1 x themed notepad, 1 x mini Moleskin diary (its that blue one – and I have a pen that matches it), cell phone, an expired 15 % discount card for Le Cruset (which could unfortunately only be redeemed in store and we don’t have a store…..) paper tags (large and small), a ball of string, an apple and a few peppermints that are kicking around the bottom somewhere. It also contains a little bag that a friend brought from Turkey for me which has my essentials – Labello and lip gloss (both of which I never use), tampons and a Swiss Army Knife.

It is actually pretty clean and empty at the moment.  For once there is nothing kiddie or sports related.  Sometimes there are spare socks (mine), wet wipes (for Little OL), spare swimming googles (me) or my Garmin.   I do try and sort it out (declutter) once a week, but it generally happens every fortnight or so.

In my hand bag
In my hand bag


Believe it or not, until I was about 28 I did not have a handbag. I would only ever carry a wallet or more likely just put money in my pockets.  Now I tend to have only 1 hand bag and use it till it falls apart.  I will then buy (or be given a friends hand me down out of sympathy) another one.

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FBC – Favourite photo / Best Friends

I don’t think I have a favourite photo of my and my “best friends” – in fact I am not sure at the moment how to determine what best friends are or who they are.  It is not like when I was school and I had two “best friends” and we did EVERY thing together.  I think as you get older you have more facets to your life, more interests and there fore sometimes require different friends for different aspects.

I have my sister – who is most definitly my “best friend” in all aspects but then I also have other friends that could also fit in there som where.  A “best” friend with who I train, you chat a lot while cycling/running/swimming (which might go some way to explaining my time…..), a “best” friend that I have made since having Little OL, a “best” friend at work (who keeps me sane) and a long standing “best” friend, who when looking from the outside, might not seem as if we have that much in common but who is invaluable in my life.  And then of course my internet “friends” who sometimes know more about me that people I am in contact with in real life.  It is not often that all my best friends will get together – in fact I can tell you that they never have – so I don’t have a photo of all my best friends.

I will instead post one of my most recent photos of myself, my sister and my bestest training partner at the top of Maitlands Hill on our last (and only second) long ride – we did a whole 59km…… The week before IMSA 70.3 in January.  I know, even I can’t beleive I actually made that bike cut-off with the minimal cycling we did (although we did use our indoor trainers quite a bit in winter)

The best friends and training partners a girl could ask for
The best friends and training partners a girl could ask for


They have now left me in the dust and are trainig for Ironman together – I am feeling left out…….. BUT I know that I could not commit to it at the moment, it is not a priority, but I do get jealous when I hear that they went cycling without me.  Hopefully from next week I can join them on their morning (shorter) rides again.