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Road rage – not pretty

This morning while driving to work a lady pulled out of a parking space and into the road directly in front of me, so that she was perpendicular across the road.  I had to hit my brakes hard to avoid hitting the side of her car.  At the same time I hit my hooter and then threw my arms up in frustration.

That is when the fun started. The lady started yelling and screaming and swearing and gesturing at me, ranting and raving. I looked back in amazement and gestured that she was the one perpendicular (and now not moving) across the entire road and I had nearly driven into the side of her car.  This just set her off more, totally bouncing around in her seat shouting and swearing.  That was when I started to laugh.  I mean, it was actually quite funny, I could not hear what she was saying, and she was waving her arms madly and bouncing around. She looked so cross and ugly that there was nothing much else I could do.  She was also about 75 years old in the shade.  However, she did not appreciate being laughed at and so carried on. This just set me off more…. Eventually she moved off the road and I laughed all the way to work.

It did get me thinking though. I also lose my cool in traffic, I am quick to anger, wave my arms or shout at somebody that cuts me off.  I probably look just as stupid and ugly as this woman did this morning.  I am going to try better.