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Road rage – not pretty

This morning while driving to work a lady pulled out of a parking space and into the road directly in front of me, so that she was perpendicular across the road.  I had to hit my brakes hard to avoid hitting the side of her car.  At the same time I hit my hooter and then threw my arms up in frustration.

That is when the fun started. The lady started yelling and screaming and swearing and gesturing at me, ranting and raving. I looked back in amazement and gestured that she was the one perpendicular (and now not moving) across the entire road and I had nearly driven into the side of her car.  This just set her off more, totally bouncing around in her seat shouting and swearing.  That was when I started to laugh.  I mean, it was actually quite funny, I could not hear what she was saying, and she was waving her arms madly and bouncing around. She looked so cross and ugly that there was nothing much else I could do.  She was also about 75 years old in the shade.  However, she did not appreciate being laughed at and so carried on. This just set me off more…. Eventually she moved off the road and I laughed all the way to work.

It did get me thinking though. I also lose my cool in traffic, I am quick to anger, wave my arms or shout at somebody that cuts me off.  I probably look just as stupid and ugly as this woman did this morning.  I am going to try better.

20 thoughts on “Road rage – not pretty

  1. I also wave my arms and shout and scream. In fact, i did it on Friday en route from King Williamstown. Seriously, i have no idea where some people get their drivers licences from!

    At least you started the day with a laugh, and were not injured!

    1. In this case I was not that cross, but there are definintely moments…….. Especially those idiots along Cape Road that stop when there is not stopping in peak hour traffic. You just wantt o be able to drive straight over their cars.

  2. I’m seriously scared of someone pulling out a gun and shooting so I’m very very polite in the traffic 🙂

    And something I noticed recently – the taxi drivers are becoming more courteous than the other drivers~!!!

    1. I am also very worried about the whole gun thing. It happened in PE last year, very close to where I live. The thought did cross my mind yesterday too.

  3. Road rage aren’t a pretty thing and it’s so often that you see it at the busiest places like for instance, the streets surrounding The Gautrain. I too get angry and sometimes want to scream. I too need to be better at this.

    1. And the thing is the rage is not going to help, and just puts me in a bad mood. Although maybe somebody else will get a laugh as I did….

  4. LOL! You made this into a positive and it made your day. Can you imagine how sad and angry her day was. People don’t seem to realise that when they “lose it” they have lost the battle.

    1. Yes, I could feel that bubbling feeling where I was about to lose it too, but ended up lauging instead. I am very happy that I reacted that way (this time).

    1. Funnily enough as mentioned below the taxi drivers don’t seem so bad at the moment, although they still drive like morons most of the time. I am more wary of the general civilian man.

  5. LOL, love that you laughed.
    I’m actually quite calm in traffic… not sure when that changed. Probably when I resigned myself to the fact that I can’t change the traffic.

    1. I am going to have to change. Especially when I have Little OL in the car. I don’t want her to see me lose it. I am pretty calm in all other situations and need to carry it over.

  6. My road rage is bad. I’ve had a guy get out his car to try hit me before for yelling at him – it was his fault I swear. Thank goodness there was a cop behind me in an unmarked vehicle who saw it all.
    I really should keep myself in check though…

    1. That is scary – have you seen the video of the road rage incident where the guy keeps trying to run the other off the road? Very scary!

      1. had that before as well! guy literally tried to run me off the road because he wanted to cut in front of me and i refused to let him. had another ask me if i bought my licence because he was on the inside of the circle and trying to cut out so drove right into me :/

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