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Its never too early right??

Ok, a snap poll….

1.  At what age do you start letting your kid decide on the theme of their own party….

(if you say anything younger than 13 I am not going to be happy)

That was question one, here is question 2 –

2.  How soon is too soon to start planning their next party…….

I might have already started planning Little OL’s 4th Birthday party.  Or at least – I think I have already decided on a theme for her 4th Birthday party and happily begun pinning away (and yes I know she has only just turned 3).

I did get her input – kind off… The conversation went something like this.

How about planes for your next party?…………………     (blank stare)

You love planes right?………………………………………..      (non-committal nod)

Planes would be fantastic wouldn’t they?…………….       (another non-committal nod)

Wow, that would be so cool – planes!…………………        (another blank stare)

So… I am taking that as a “yes” to planes – and the brainwashing has already begun.

HERE is a link to the my Pinterest board.

I do however realise that it is a year away and that she might put her foot down about the theme (or I might be bored with it) so yes, it might change between now and February 2014.

How awesome is this party – found over here  – go have a look.

8 thoughts on “Its never too early right??

  1. I’m 100% with you – start as early as possible. Also, you can start brainwashing early… buying books and airplanes, etc. all as birthday party prep!

    I plan the themes sometimes years in advance. The one for this year I’ve had for 2 years and knew they were too young. i’ll email you but don’t want to put it here because some of your readers will be invited…. 🙂

    1. Thankfully she is quite obsessed with aeroplanes anyway – I just have to make sure it sticks. We bought her a whole lot of plane stuff for Christmas and her birthday. I think a few books might be in order too though….

      I usually have the party stuff all sorted weeks / months ahead of time. Its the only way that I can ensure that I don’t stress to much. Then it is only the perisables that I need to worry about in the days before.

  2. A very early gave her input, in fact her 3 rd birthday theme was her decision and somehow she stays on the same idea. The boys are a bit more difficult because we need to agree on one between them. The Space one for last year was their idea.

    1. I do at least choose something I know she loves – although rainbows was a bit of a stretch. She did discover unicorns so was then happy with rainbows. She does at least love aeroplanes. Just not sure if she would have picked it as a theme for her party….

    1. Yay (I am going with 6) – a couple more years… Just as well as I think I have also decided on her 5th Birthday theme.

  3. Kiara let me plan her first 2 and that was that – the rest she chose and it was NEVER a girl theme – EVER! I saw a girl plane party idea somewhere recently and LOVED it!! If we have a baby girl next then that is definitely her theme (Jack had planes for his first).

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