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Her first race – not quite according to plan

I signed Little OL up for her first running race this Workers Day. It was part of the Spar Ladies Race – which is on Saturday. This was organised for the girls that are too young to take part in that and was called the Little Ladies.  She loves running (see picture chasing bunnies HERE) and I figured she would easily manage 2 km.  Maybe not run the whole way, but definitely walk and run.  Quite often on a weekend, when I get back from a run, she insists that we go out for a run/walk around the block together.


She was super excited about it. I told her about it on Monday and it is all she has been talking about. She proclaimed she was going to be the winner……  We did realise though that she does not really understand what a winner is when she told us that I would also be a winner.  We told her that everybody that does it will be a winner.


On Wednesday morning she was up and dressed by 5:30 – the race only started at 9:00….. She even wanted her hair in ponies (apparently that is what you do when you run).  She knows what I wear when I go running, so my sister (who joined us) and I wore our normal running kit.  She even made me phone my sister to make sure she was awake and getting ready too….. (although I managed to get her to wait till just after 7 to make that phone call)


The whole drive down there she was excited, the walk across the field to register she was excited…. And then the wheels fell off.  I think the number of people was just a bit overwhelming.  I ended up carrying her for the full 2km.  She would not even walk 2 meters never mind 2 km…..  Thanks to my sister for “running” with us, and my brother and his wife for supporting. Although they ended up walking the whole thing with us too.


I must say though that the whole thing was great, there were a lot more people than I expected and each little girl received a really nice medal – which later on in the day Little OL was showing off with great pride.  I will try again at another race, but maybe one that is not quite as big.


12 thoughts on “Her first race – not quite according to plan

  1. too darn adorable, your little lady, even if she wasn’t quite into the running part.

    K tells me on Tuesday that she doesn’t want to do dance any more but she still wants to wear all the outfits 🙂 I think she’s in it just for the clothes!!! 🙂

    1. lol – I think Little OL just wanted to run – as in across a field like after the bunnies. She did not want other people there too.

  2. Too cute!!!!

    Well at least she got up early and showed up that must count for something 😆

    Even some adults freak out at the sheer no of people at these races.

    1. Yes, and she says she wants to do another one. Next time I think I will keep her away until the actual start.

    1. I will need to keep an eye out. Also some of hte trail runs have kiddies runs before hand (800m to 1km) I will look out for those too. They are also a lot less people.

  3. Classic! they do know their own minds by this age and I have to admire her resolve to NOT RUN the entire way! 😉

    1. Yes, she was definitly not running or even walking. At one stage I put her down and ran a few meters ahead (my sister was still next to her). She threw herself on the ground and I had to go back and pick her up…..

  4. Shame. Sounds like Chaos Boy in grade R. He started with rugby at school and when they had their first bulletjies day he warmed up, put the jersey on and when they lined up to run on he drew the line. He wasn’t going to get hurt. That was the end of his rugby career. LOL! Hopefully she’ll get the running right.

    1. Yes, I hope it gets better. She says she wants to do another one and keeps showing off her medal…….

    1. Have a look out when the Spar Ladies race is on. This was linked to that, and I know that they are held around the country at various dates.

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