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I have been told she is now 18

At each stage/age of Little OL’s life I have said that “I LOVE this age”.  I always thought that I would prefer just to be given a 2 year old so it came as a total surprise that I would even remotely enjoy the baby stage but I did.

So, as she gets older and changes, grows up and becomes a little girl I once again have to say “I LOVE this age”  I must however put in a little addition – I LOVE this age….90% of the time.  The other 10% I want to run away screaming.

Boy – the 3’s are tough.  (I am assuming it is an age thing and not just the fact that we are the only parents that have an absolute little terrorist on our hands at least 10% of the time – please tell me we are not the only ones…….)  Anyway, I love the fact that she is growing up; the things she does and says are so flipping cute.  I love that we can have conversations about random stuff, go out together, play pretend and that she loves helping me.  I love that in the morning she will open the curtains and say “Mom it’s a beautiful day?” even if it is not.   I love that she can be kind and thoughtful and caring.  And then she is not….

I don’t like the screaming, lying on the floor hitting anyone in sight, little monster that happens at the flip of a switch. (and back again as soon as she realises she is not getting her way).  She will go from laughing to crying and back to laughing quicker than you can say “Time Out”.  Academy Awards have been won for lesser performances!

I also don’t like that she want to grow up so quickly.  I have been informed that I need to give her my car keys and money as she needs to go to the shops – alone!  She’ll drive…. I told her that was not happening until she was 18 and had a licence – apparently she is already 18 – or so I am being told.

Potato Stamping
Potato Stamping

10 or so minutes later the potato stamping turned into potato throwing…..

9 thoughts on “I have been told she is now 18

  1. HAAAAA – I’ve just posted about stamping too 🙂 but yours are MUCH cuter!!!

    Yes, it’s the age otherwise I also have two crazies in the house. They are calming down a bit though as they approach 4 – mine really show the disequilibrium at the half year mark so I’m happy for normal kids at the moment.

  2. I think yours stayed at it longer though….. I have noticed an improvement. She also seems to “give up” quicker when she realises it is not working. I just don’t want to see what the 3.5’s are bringing though. I read your post on the “halves” and then went and got some of those books. It helped a lot as they described what was happening exactly.

  3. LOL! What a cute little face. As you know my grandson Stefan lives with us and at just over a year he already throws tantrums. I didn’t remember that they start that early. Most of the time he is a real cutie pie and giggle pot.

    1. my mom says she does not remember any of us doing it…. I think her memory must just be bad. Hopefully she grows out of it soon. Maybe Stefan will be one of those that start early and get over it early?

  4. Gosh she is beautiufl. You know, this too shall pass. I told A the other day (who is really about 5% of the time 8 going on 18 – meaning hormonal is that is possible) that I totally love her but that 5% challenges me to accept her as she is

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