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Starting young

I took a couple of days leave last week to spend the last few days of holidays with Little OL and boy was it FUN!  Time flew.  I am not sure I could ever be a “stay at home” mom, but days when I don’t have to go into work are pure joy.  (who am I kidding I could totally be a stay at home mom)


While off I wanted to do some active stuff with Little OL – she is becoming a bit of a couch potato and I don’t like it.  Unfortunately during the holidays the nanny has been putting her in front of the TV and that is pretty much where she stays – given the option though she would rather be doing something else, so I made sure we did “something else”.

I roped my mom in and we went out.


My mom is always up for a trip somewhere and on Thursday she suggested we go and climb Lady’s Slipper.  It is a hill just outside PE that my mom climbs regularly but I have never done before.  I was definitely keen!  It was awesome, we did not go all the way up, as I did not want to have to worry about Little OL and her safety, so as soon as it started getting a bit rocky and steep we stopped.  Saying that we still got more than ½ way up.  I loved it and Little OL is still bragging to anyone that will listen that she climbed a mountain.



It was pretty cool having all 3 generations walking up the hill together and hopefully it was the first of many hikes that we will all do together.  My mom and I used to hike quite a bit together before Little OL was born, and now that she is getting older hopefully I will be able to get back into it.  I think I have mentioned before that for my mom’s 60th Birthday my mom, sister and I climbed Kilimanjaro…… Let’s see what Little OL and I will do to celebrate my 60th…. (thank fully still quite a few years away.

Kilimanjaro Summit 2005
Kilimanjaro Summit 2005

It felt really good to get my hiking boots on again!

13 thoughts on “Starting young

  1. Dean went to school at Woodridge, and every time we drive past Lady’s Slipper he tells me of the many times he climbed it! Sounds awesome that you all did it together and the little OL loved it!

    I think that kids will easily be in front of TV – if given the option. However, if it’s not an option, they don’t really miss it!

  2. Woodridge seems like a really amazing school. I have done quite a few trail runs on the school grounds – they are stunning. Yes, it was lovely to be able to climb it together. I would like to go all the way up one day soon though – hopefully when I am running again I will use that as training.

    1. It is. I really hope she will take to this active outdoor lifestyle. She seems to love it now so hopefully it continues.

  3. I love your first photo…so good for the 3 generations to have fun together. I could totally be a stay-at-home wife/mother/grandmother. I almost fired myself yesterday…long, sad story that will never be told. Needless to say I was back at work today.

    1. Thank you, I also love her face in the 1st photo. It was really hard to go back to work and send her back to school after so much fun.

    1. there was, but it has beena problem getting her back into the school routine. All she wants to do now is climb a mountain.

  4. You have a little mountain climber in the making. Maybe for your 60th, you will climb Everest, now that Kilimanjaro is done and dusted

    1. Yikes, Everest is a bit of a tough one. I would love to go to Base Camp though. I think that should be on my wish list.

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