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Trouble ahead

At first I thought that Little OL just had a thing for “bad boys”…

First she was mad about Swiper from Dora, then it was Captain Hook and that was closely followed by the sorcerer Sophia the first but now she tells me that when she grows up she wants to be Captain Chantel DuBois – from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.   

Yikes, I think we are in for some trouble ahead…..

Talking about girl or nice girls, I loved this post by Sleepless Nights?  Love it.  Especially the last line, I also want to be top shelf liquor……

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Are you more than a stick figure…

Do you have those stick figure decals on the back of your car?  When they first came out I thought they were quite cute but I could never decide on which one to get.  As I  swim, bike, run, paint, bake, read, hike I have a bit of a problem.  I have written before about how I find it very difficult restrict myself by a definition HERE and HERE and HERE (yip, its a problem for me)

Do you feel that by putting that sticker on your car you are defining how you see yourself?  And yes, when I look at what others put on their cars I totally judge them.

Hmmmm, so you are a workaholic always on your computer with no hobbies….. boring – why do you own a 4×4?

Or you love shopping – seriously – that is how you define yourself?

Or you braai and drink beer…. All the time????

Or you have 6 kids, seriously….. and you still have time to cycle?  Wow, impressive.

Yes, I get bored sitting in traffice.

Here is a photo of one I saw earlier this year…..


Quite obvious what he was trying to tell the world and its not just that he likes to braai and drink beer… (although that might explain the open space)