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Are you more than a stick figure…

Do you have those stick figure decals on the back of your car?  When they first came out I thought they were quite cute but I could never decide on which one to get.  As I  swim, bike, run, paint, bake, read, hike I have a bit of a problem.  I have written before about how I find it very difficult restrict myself by a definition HERE and HERE and HERE (yip, its a problem for me)

Do you feel that by putting that sticker on your car you are defining how you see yourself?  And yes, when I look at what others put on their cars I totally judge them.

Hmmmm, so you are a workaholic always on your computer with no hobbies….. boring – why do you own a 4×4?

Or you love shopping – seriously – that is how you define yourself?

Or you braai and drink beer…. All the time????

Or you have 6 kids, seriously….. and you still have time to cycle?  Wow, impressive.

Yes, I get bored sitting in traffice.

Here is a photo of one I saw earlier this year…..


Quite obvious what he was trying to tell the world and its not just that he likes to braai and drink beer… (although that might explain the open space)

16 thoughts on “Are you more than a stick figure…

  1. Ah, i think they’re a bit of fun, and needn’t be taken too seriously!

    And if people want to judge me by a) my stick figures and b) the car i drive, well whateve floats their boat!

      1. You make me laugh! I have a cyclist (obviously not me), a layd drinking coffee (me, although I don’t drink coffee, so i’m drinking tea), a teenager attached to her cellphone (which is pretty accurate, and a little ballerina (which is also pretty accurate). i do refuse to put on any of animals though x

  2. Exactly why I haven’t got them on my car. There isn’t one that describes me although I have seen a Geocaching family with dad, mom and kids (brother and sister) which will fit us well. But then the Damselfly isn’t really into geocaching like me and the kids. So still no stick family

    1. It is a problem…. My problem is that I don’t even know how to describe myself never mind the whole family.

  3. mine are on because my daughter LOVED the idea of car stickers! She got some for her birthday and thoroughly enjoyed putting them on the car, everytime we have gotten a pet or two she tells me we need to update our car stickers, so far, I have managed not too;-)

    1. oh dear…. I am going to have to ensure that Little OL does not notice them. I had not even factored in the animals.

  4. I am seriously not into it…I like them as much as I like personalised number plates….NOT! Can you imagine the long row of stick figures on my back window when I start adding my 3 children, 2 children-in-law, 6 grandchildren and me and my hubby…seriousl, I don’t think you get a window wide enough 😛

  5. i really don’t care for them at all (that’s being tactful with me trying not to use the H word) but worse are those stickers with the kids’ names on them – I just think, “really? in this day and age where crime is so rampant…”

    1. Gareth Cliff also had very interesting comments on them and crime. Advertising that you cycled, so were out the house, number of people in your house etc.

  6. I think that these stick figures everyone have on their cars, are like blogging. They put themselves “out there.” But you have a point and I think that’s why I haven’t added them onto my car as well. I have too many things I define myself as, so I couldn’t decide what kind of sticker I would like.

    1. yes, I don’t have problem with people putting it out there (blog, twitter, fb etc, it is the choosing – and security ) that I can’t do. I saw somebody yesterday with their kids names listed….

  7. I thought they were fun in the beginning, but now every tom, dick and harry (sorry Tom, Dick and Harry) now have them and I am so over it. I don’t take them seriously though.

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