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An update – on my foot

It’s been 7 weeks to the day since I last ran – SEVEN WEEKS!!!!!  I am grumpy, I am miserable and I am generally not pleasant to be around….  Hmmmm, this might explain why Mr OL is in East London at the moment – (Honey – it is for work right???)  [Side note: he does not actually read my blog so I am not expecting an answer]

I keep getting asked how my foot is doing and the truth is that I have NO IDEA.  It was ever only sore after I had run 10km and then only if I went up a hill.  It then stayed sore for 5 days but after that it was back to normal until I did a similar run.  So, without going and testing it on a 10km run ending in an uphill I am unable to give you an answer.  I am hoping good!  I am hoping that it has healed and I am hoping that from next week Thursday (I am going to give it 8 weeks to be on the safe side) I will be able to run pain free again.

There are however a few good things that have come from this… In the past two weeks I have been allowed to use the stair master at the gym.  Owww, owww, owww!  The first day I could only manage 5 minutes before I needed to stop and walk around.  I then went back and did another 5 minutes but it was tough!!!! I can now do 15 minutes at level 10 without stopping.  I am sure that this will help with the Dryland Traverse where I have heard it is impossible to run in some places as you are too busy climbing up a goat track.  I have also been given exercises to try and improve the strength of my glutes – apparently I don’t use my butt enough when I run and so am putting more pressure or strain on my leg muscles, which in turn pulls on my feet.  I went for a gait analysis to try and avoid a similar injury in the future.

So, from next week I will slowly start running again (avoiding hills initially) and then finally hit the trails again.  At least there is another life drawing session on Saturday so that will keep me entertained and out of mischief.


For those that can run and are interested in trail running there are 2 really nice trail runs coming up – a 30km called the Brak River Run at Hopewell estate this weekend and a 22km next weekend at Woodridge. There are shorter distances too if those are too intimidating.


15 thoughts on “An update – on my foot

  1. Pamela, I am also a runner and know the love you have for it but is there any other Cardio you can do instead to give the foot some rest to heal?

    1. There is, which is why I am doing stair master and swimming. It is just that when I run I can go for 2 or 3 hours I love long distance and its a bit difficult to do that with anything else – I suppose I should probably dust off my bike (its cold in winter – which is why I havent)

    1. uhh…… I down loaded it I dont think that really counts though does it? I will try and start it tonight.

  2. oh man, i hear you – i am back on the road and did my first long run yesterday. was kinda awesome. hang tight – you will come back stronger and wiser!

  3. Hope the foot is healed in good time. Sounds quite hectic though. Did you a podiatrist to rule out anything grave, as it doesn’t sound good.

    1. We ruled out all the stuff like tendonitis, muscle tears, ligament damage ect. The only stuff we could not totally rule out was a stress fracture – so that is how we are treating it. Which basically means rest.

  4. How frustrating for you! I do hope it heals soon. And yes, aparently running barefoot is better, would love to hear your thoughts once you have read that book:-)

    1. Thanks, my only problem with barefoot running is that I run mostly on trails….. Sharp stones etc. My latest running shoes (which I have not even had the chance to use) are a little more minimalist. Sort of an imbetween shoe.

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