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Fun times

I was in tears this morning. Big tears – 3 times!

I know other things (see way below) are going on at the moment and it was more than just the school thing but still…. I am really battling with Little OL and schooling this year.  I know a lot of stuff, I know that she is too young for a full day at school (without a nap).  I know that she is pushing her boundaries and I know that the school holidays broke her routine.  I know it is more fun with the nanny who gives her whatever she wants (TV and sweets) and I know at school they put demands on her.  I know all this but it does not make it any easier when your child point blank refuses to get in the car and go to school.  Yesterday after eventually managing to get her strapped in the car-seat, she somehow managed to wind down the wind with her food and was SCREAMING (as only a 3 year old can) at all the passers-by in the neighbouring cars “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” over and over.  Not fun.  I turned the radio on loud, put my head down and drove.  I did see a look of sympathy on one woman’s face though (for me not little OL – the others however were pointing and laughing.  I was very surprised nobody pulled me over and asked me if I was kidnapping her.

Today was a repeat performance – except she figured out how to twist and turn so that I could not get her strapped in…… The escalating frustration level on both sides was not helping and in the end all I could do was burst into tears and walk away…..  I wanted to say “fine, stay with the nanny” but felt if I did that, then I would just have the same thing on Monday.  When I got back to the car she had calmed down, we hugged, she got in her car-seat and we both snivelled the whole way to school.  When I put her in her teacher’s arms I burst into tears again and ran to my car. Can I count that as my first run in 8 weeks?

I drove to work, got myself some coffee and had just calmed down when I received a phone call from her school – I saw the number and my heart sank…… What now – is she sick, is she still bawling her eyes out, can the not calm her????? The secretary said they phoned me because Little OL had told her teacher that she made me upset in the car and she wanted them to phone and tell me she was sorry…. Bring on waterworks number 3!

This however cannot go on….. I actually had a meeting at the school earlier this week – for the next week I am fetching her at lunch time and taking her home to the nanny who we have asked to work full time for a bit.  Hopefully this helps.  I have also asked the nanny to come in later to work so that we have already left the house – on the days the nanny is not there she is perfectly happy to go to school.

Also, in a couple of months this might not be a problem.  I will be unemployed anyway….. –that’s the other stuff that is going on, they are retrenching at work and the PE office will close.  I am trying to take it as a good thing…..

16 thoughts on “Fun times

  1. Sorry, I just couldn’t smile at the thought of seeing you go by with her screaming out the window to get her out. That’s is funny but I would have given you an emphatic smile as well cause I know that feeling.

    Thinking of you in this tough time but I’m sure you will see as an opportunity rather than a all the bad that goes with it.

    1. thanks – I do think it is one of those time I will laugh about – maybe after a glass or two of wine……
      And yes, I do think this is an opportunity. It is one I have been meaning to take for a while but have been scared. Nothing like a shove up the backside!

  2. I think that the fact that you are making a change in her routine will help immensely. See how it goes with the change and then work from there. Good luck! As for work, I am going to say its a good thing! And you get to be a stay at home mom for a while;-) but seriously, life throws us strange curve balls, but often around the curve is something better. Sending thoughts and a hug!

  3. I giggled while reading this. (Sorry) It brought back so many hilarious moments of when my boys were small. What can I say, one day you will think back on this and laugh.

  4. Oh Pam! I so get those tantrums. Mine may not be caused by yours but they are so terribly emotionally draining! I also know how challenging it is dealing with a child who doesn’t deal well with change.


  5. oh gosh Pam! I have been exactly where you are right now….i remember having THE SELF-SAME experiences with Faith and it was utterly debilitating. I kept wondering what kind of woman I was that I could be undone daily by a 3yr old – she beat me 6-love daily many days. Hang in there. The terrible twos are a myth – the threes are by FAR the most challenging but I PROMISE you that once they hit 4 the sun comes out far more regularly and somehow reason and logic fill their little heads. Hugs xxx

    And the work thing? Wowzer – think you may need to share a bit more on that when you have the liberty or motivation to do so.

    1. Thanks Mel

      Yip, the 3s are a lot tougher than the 2s! Today thankfully she was an angel! Not having the nanny there worked for today. Lets see how tomorrow goes.

      I will share shortly – you can see on my FB page so long.

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