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Last day!

Today is my last “official” day at work. I say official because I have only been popping in and out over the past week (trying to get used to unemployment 🙂  )
I must admit that I am quite sad to leave this job. I have been working here for the past 6 years, which has been my longest stretch at one place. Before that my longest was 3 years. I have met some amazing people and have learnt a lot. People have had confidence in me and I have changed positions in the company a couple of times with my latest one being Compliance Liaison Manager, a position I enjoyed and nothing like I have done before.
But, I am also excited to leave. Although it was not my choice it is most definitely time. I have known for a while that me working full time and Little OL being at the school she is at just does not work. The days are too long for her if left in After Care and although I could fetch her at lunch and take her home which I have been doing for the past few months it is far from ideal.
Now I will be working from home, so get to spend the afternoons with her. My hours will be more flexible (set by myself) and it is something that I am passionate about. I LOVE sports, and I get so excited by what others have achieved. It is awesome that I get to see the medals that people have earned and that they are telling me the stories behind them. It also great that I am getting to be creative with the designs of the medal hangers. (can you tell I am excited about this…… lol)
So, today is a mixture of happiness, sadness and excitement. Another chapter begins!

Here are a few photos of customers hangers that they have sent me.  I love seeing them!

SA Medal Hangers
SA Medal Hangers

SA Medal Hangers
SA Medal Hangers – Table Mountain MTB
SA Medal Hangers - Triathlon
SA Medal Hangers – Triathlon
SA Medal Hangers - I LOVE MEDALS!
SA Medal Hangers – I LOVE MEDALS!


And I agree – I lOVE MEDALS!

23 thoughts on “Last day!

  1. You will never regret your decision Pam, they are only small for a couple of years, it gets easier to do more of your own things as they get older. I still work from home and only mornings and not school holidays either. Good luck with your new life chapter.

    1. Yes, it is very exciting! It is something I probably should have done before, but needed the kick up the butt.

    1. Tha nks. I think the fact that we were told over 2 months ago helped. That and the fact that I am very excited about what is coming up. It is very hard for some of the others though as they have been there for over 30 years.

  2. Wishing you so much blessings on your new venture. It is the best of both worlds…spending time with little OL and doing what you love. Hope you will find time for lunch and coffee dates too.

  3. I think it’s very exciting and it has come at exactly the right time for you and little miss OL. Your passion for your new venture radiates loud and clear and i can see it going from strength to strength. Thank u so much for the one I ordered – tom is d day so I will let you know. Also thank u for the extra little gift – much appreciated! Can never have too much washi tape! Much love xx

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