My little star

Yesterday was Little OL’s first school concert. Oh man was it cute (and yes, I am going to carry on as if I have not taken over a month’s break in blogging)
She was a star – a very cute little star whose head band kept falling down over eyes. They sang about stars and planets and continents and the earth and other similar things. I loved the fact that the only things we as parents had to do was get them dress predominately in once colour (hers was white) and pitch up. That was it. No finding costumes or making things. Have I mentioned before I love her school!
I cannot believe that this year is nearly over. After the first 6months which were a total disaster while she was at after care to the past 6 months which have been a bit of a breeze. I am really looking forward to next year. I will be working from home and hopefully the routine we have set up over the past month works. Yip, can you believe that it has been a whole month that I have been self-employed. I think that deserves a whole post of its own. It has been quite a month!

Being a star - tiring work

12 Responses

  1. She looks absolutely adorable!

  2. She is ADORABLE! what a cute little star🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about your month of self-employment!

  3. Too sweet🙂

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  5. She’s growing up too fast! Such a cutie

  6. I don’t ever miss school concerts. Your little star is so cute. Welcome back to blog land my friend.

  7. Oh gosh, how totally adorable

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