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Finally I ran a (stand-alone) marathon

Yes, yes, I know – bad blogger…..
I don’t even know where to start it’s been so long and so much has happened.
I guess the first thing I should say is I LOVE WORKING FROM HOME! It is has now been 3.5 months and it still feels like I am just on a Christmas holiday… Saying that, I have NEVER been as busy (you might have guessed by the lack of blog posts….)
My word for last year was DO and I think I am going to keep it for this year too – the picture that Cat gave me is up on my office wall and I look at it daily.
Besides starting a business I had another goal for last year and that was to run a stand-alone marathon (one not in an Ironman). I did not do that before December, but I am VERY proud to announce that I have however finally done one. I have however decided I am very odd (yes, I know…. ) A stand-alone marathon has scared me. I don’t know why? I know I can do the distance, I’ve done 2 Ironman races and they have a marathon in them, so I am not sure what I was worried about – and then I entered Two Oceans and needed a marathon to qualify. Suddenly a marathon did not scare me anymore. It is just a distance I needed to run to qualify for Two Ocean – which for some reason does not scare me either. Maybe it is just that I really like a challenge. Maybe I just needed a bigger goal? Who knows – all I do know is that I have now run a stand-alone marathon (with very little training) and have qualified for Two Oceans. FUN!
Now the real training begins…..My first Ultra

14 thoughts on “Finally I ran a (stand-alone) marathon

  1. awesome!!! congrats on reaching your goal and here’s to the next big one!

    PS I saw some footage of ironman from a few years ago and I think all of you are part crazy and wholly awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you Marcia. Yip I do think we must be a little crazy.
      At least my whole family is a little nuts. My sister is about to do her 7th Ironman and my brother his 2nd. Yesterday he ran all the way across town to tell me he was coming over for dinner later. I had to remind him that we do actually have a phone.

  2. Glad to hear work is good. Busy is good when you work for yourself.

    Marathon! Not surprised since you are brave enough to do the iron man. But we already concluded there’s nothing ordinary about you anyway. Trust the little miss is doing great

    1. Thanks. I have been a bit overwhelmed. I did not expect to be this busy. Its been great but I need to take a breath.

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