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An update…… (Yes really)

After a bit of “encouragement” from some fellow blogging friends, I have decided to update my blog.

I have no excuses except life and a new business got in the way.  I love blogging and stopping was not intentional.  I used to blog during working hours (my lunch break if any of my ex bosses are reading…..) and now that I am at home I don’t get that opportunity.

So, here are few things that have happened over the past couple of months

  • Business is going well and I LOVE working from home.  I am finding it a lot more stressful, and I am a lot busier than I was when I worked a full day.  I am not exactly sure how that works but I seemed to be able to fit more in back then.
  • I ran Two Oceans Ultra Marathon and LOVED IT!  It was tough, I was not sure I would finish at about the 15km mark but as soon as I got passed halfway I started to enjoy it.  I fell over one of the stupid cat’s eyes in the road but I think it might just have been the shot of adrenaline I needed.  Even though I hurt my hip, shoulder and elbow I had no grazes which was lucky.  I just wanted to finish under the 7 hour cut off and I did 6h53 so was very happy.
Halfway! With my running partners.


  • I am travelling more.  I should probably just say I am travelling.  More implies I did a little bit before.  I didn’t.  Now I do.  I am going to all the large sports expo’s around the country and having great fun.  My mom came with me to Durban for the Comrades expo and it was awesome.  It is so nice to meet up with so many people that I have only previously “met” via my Blog, Twitter or Facebook.  I will be coming up to Johannesburg again in November so hopefully I can make a plan and meet up with a few people when there.
  • Myself, and pretty much the rest of South Africa seem to be following a lower carb diet.  I dropped sugar from my tea and coffee about 2 years ago and am now consciously trying to eat less carbs.  Through this, I have realised that wheat and me don’t work well together.  It has been a very interesting experiment of one (me).  I started following the LCHF way of eating in January and have lost 8kg since then, although weight loss was not my primary reason.  I had not been feeling great for a while and although I did not realise it, I was having digestive issues.  By removing most carbs from my diet and then by reintroducing them (cheating) at various stages I noticed that I felt really awful after some things but perfectly fine after others.  I am still doing the LCHF thing unless Mr OL makes mash potatoes.  He makes great mash.


Then a few random things:

  • I still love trail running and my sister and I have entered the Dryland Traverse again – this time as a team. I am so glad its trail running season again.
  • I have decided after 42 years of not liking the look of succulent plants I want a succulent garden…… I went to a wedding and they had succulents as centre pieces and it looked amazing.  I have been collecting plants from various places so will keep you updated.
  • I want to learn how to crochet again…. I learnt at primary school but have not done any since.
  • Little OL is growing – and 4 is a gorgeous age (so much better than 3)

I must be getting old – succulent plants and crocheted items alway makes me think of old people – yikes

19 thoughts on “An update…… (Yes really)

  1. Ha ha – yes I also want to learn to crochet. Apparently there are lots of tuts on youtube?

    Glad to see you blogging again, now we just have to keep it up. That is the difficult part! Yes, we are also following HCLF and loving it. Discovered that my body did not like carbs either.

    You are running madly and sound happy. This is good!

    1. There is also blog for beginners wanting to crochet, its just a time thing. Pity we are not closer, we could arrange a group lesson or something 🙂

  2. Shayne, you and me both! I want to learn to crochet too. Great to get some news Pam, and yes, 4 is a wonderful age. I have always said that from 4 on things get better and better and I enjoyed my kids more and more

    1. Cat, I really glad to hear as 3 had me pulling my hair out at times. Maybe we need to start an online crochet support group. 🙂

  3. You are not getting old…you are just maturing. BTW…I crocheted as a young mom…and just the thought of taking up the hook gives me the jitters now. So glad you updated…must make a coffee date again soon…see?

  4. How lovely to hear from you! I clicked over the other night just to check if it was maybe my Feedly not working????? 🙂

    I know what you mean about being busy but it’s a good busy, right?

    Do you miss it at all? Office life?

    So nice to get a catch-up. Anddddddd I think the only good thing about 4 is the cute things they say. The tantrums are worse than 2 and are “for the birds” 🙂

    1. Its a great busy, and I thought I might miss the office but I don’t. I did however work with some great people and I do miss them. Thankfully one of them is also still at home and her and i meet for coffee. Her house is near my Little OL’s school so I pop in and make a nuisance of myself.

  5. LOL re the succulents, I’ve also started growing them 🙂
    Well done on the race! I need to actually order some medal hangers from you!!

  6. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. There are days that I feel like giving up but its so part of who I am that I just can’t. I started eating sensible from about 2 weeks ago and cutting carbs (although not all of it). Also started Bootcamp and once I’m in some kind of shape again I want to get the trail running thing going again.

  7. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. But it is good to know you are well and business is doing great. I love the age when the kids are more vocal because I think it reduces some of the frustration but ask me again when my little one is at this age

    1. I thought I would also enjoy this age more, and I do but find it harder in some ways. She is now so headstrong while she was a really easy baby. It is nice to be able to have a conversation though

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