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Currently I am….

I have seen this on a few blogs lately and have decided to do it as well.  Mostly as a catch up but also as some badly needed inspiration


Currently, I am…

Reading:  Running and Stuff by James Adams on my Kindle.  My sister worked with this man in London and suggested I read it.  I have only just started so can’t really comment but so far so good.  It is about ultra-running and if you are into that, then you will probably enjoy this book.  I have read a few books lately but can’t think of what they are.  I am terrible with titles and authors.

Listening to:  Whatever is on in my car, normally “The wheels on the bus……”  I used to listen to 5 FM but since Gareth Cliff left I have not been listening to it much. Also I spend a lot less time in my car now that I work from home.  I still take Little OL into school, but she has started requesting “her movies”  She means her CD.

Laughing at:  Little OL – I love how her language is developing and how she describes things and the stories she tells. She is like her father though, and does not talk that much, so when she does its really cute.

Little OL

Swooning over:  Succulent gardens….. I can’t even believe that I am writing that!


Planning:  On hiring a new nanny, although now we are looking for less of a nanny and more of a cleaner.  Possibly only 2 days a week although I don’t know what we will do when I travel to the various expo’s.  My mom normally comes with me but we might have to hire somebody to work the expo and have my mom stay and look after Little OL.  I hate having to interview people!

Eating lots of:  Lindt 70% Chocolate……..  LOTS!!

Excellence 70%

Feeling:  Excited, happy, nervous, proud, betrayed, stupid and cross all at once.  The excited, happy, nervous and proud part are life in general. The betrayed, stupid and cross part is just last week – nothing serious and I will get over it in the next week or so.

Discovering:  That I love Ultra-Running, but I am not good at training.  I need to get my butt back into gear and hit the roads again.  Please don’t tell anybody, but I think I want to run Comrades Marathon next year.  I just need to figure out a way to have a stand at the expo and run the marathon and have somebody at home to watch Little OL.  Unfortunately with Mr OL’s job it is not possible for him to take the time off to watch here and as he works 40km outside Port Elizabeth, in Uitenhage, he is not able to get back in time to fetch her from school.  Thankfully I have a year to figure all of this out.

Looking at:  Granny square blankets on Pinterest…. How hard can it be???

Wearing:  Boots, it is just about the only thing I love about winter.  That and I totally love the winter sun. Especially when it is cold outside and you find a patch of sun somewhere – I am like a cat…..

Cooking:  Tonight I made an awesome Butternut and Carrot soup – I surprised myself – especially as I just used left overs…. We had a roast meal on Sunday and had left over butternut and carrots.  I put it back in the oven and roasted/caramelised it a bit more tonight.  I then put it in a pot with some cream, milk, veggie stock and a little cayenne pepper.  I boiled it for a little bit and then pureed it.  Oh my word!  The roasting made it taste great.  I really hope it is a soup I can recreate.

 Wondering:  How I can convince Mr OL that his clothes really don’t need ironing….  I would put off hiring anybody at the moment if it were not for the fact that Mr OL wants ironed clothes.  He is fussy like that 🙂

Trying out:  Various recipes from the Tim Noakes Real Food Revolution and Low Carb Living for Families.  Who knew you could do so much with cauliflower….

That’s about it from me for now.  What are you up too?

Thanks Julia, Mrs FF, Lynette and Robyn for the inspiration


20 thoughts on “Currently I am….

  1. Loved your blog 🙂 Look forward to joining you for some of that Comrades training (when it gets warmer!) and trying out the James Adams book 🙂 (and eating your soup!)

    1. I am in total agreement about the when it gets warmer. This cold weather running is for the birds! See you on Saturday though…. races don’t count 🙂

  2. I think I’m put off cauliflower any other way than standard (boiled with white sauce and pepper, lots of pepper!). I tried a cauli fried rice thing last year and it was, in a word, disgusting!

    You can do it!!! Comrades!!!

    1. I have tried the rice and it was ok, but I love the mash. I also love it roasted and have been using it to thicken soups and things. Yum! Also I have been hiding it in other foods so Little
      OL will at least get some veggies. She is not a big fan of anything that is not 2 minute noodles…

  3. Love this!! I need to do this on my blog, also needing some inspiration.
    Good luck with the Comrades training. It’s not on my list of to-do’s LOL!

    1. Thanks, Comrades is something I have always thought would be great but I never really thought I’d ever do it. Now I really want to do it! It did take me nearly 10 years from when I first started running to get to this point though.

  4. I didn’t know u no longer had a nanny. I wish I could get rid of mine she drives me nuts!

    I am alao experimenting a lot with new recipes and living the challenge. Last night we had egg fried caulirice and it was delish.

    I have discovered the Hello Lindt range and am eating too much of it.

    Loving winter which means boots, scarves and skinnys!

    1. Hi Shayne. Yes the nanny thing was a bit unexpected and not in the plan. It is just so annoying as you have somebody in your house for 2 years and trust them, but live and learn…
      And thank you for your vote of confidence about Comrades – I really hope so.

  5. Great to hear from you again! These meme type things are awesome. Cauliflower is a staple in our house now and my kids love it ANY way i serve it as long as its not traditionally boiled- blah. Sounds like your life is quite a juggle at the moment; i know that feeling well. Totally not surprised you want to do Comrades – its the logical next step after doing Oceans. And very exciting!

    1. Yes, quite a lot of juggling going on at the moment. I seem to work better under pressure though 🙂

      I think the goal has probably always been Comrades… Oceans was kind off a “lets see how this goes and if I don’t kill myself then lets do Comrades”

  6. You are back! I’m sure it has been busy busy busy with running the business.

    Cauliflower – no it’s one vegetable I just don’t like. It looks like food for a sick person, must be the colour. My sister love it though.
    Nanny!!!! I need to start looking again, not looking forward to it at all.
    Comrades- you are one of the few “crazy” people I know who can actually do it! I’m rooting for you because I know you can .

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence in me.

      I must admit that I was never a big fan of cauliflower before but now with all the new ways I love it. I think because it takes on the flavour of what ever you are cooking it in.

  7. Ah my friend. I am loving having you back sharing your life with us. I loved reading this catch up…and you CAN and WILL do the comrades…I know you can do it. Phone me when you are up to catching up over a cul of coffee…close to home in Sunridge will be do able. xx

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