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This week I am proud of…..

This week I am really battling to think of something I am proud of….


I know there are some things I probably should be proud of, but mostly I am pretty disappointed in myself.  I let a ball drop and now it feels like the whole lot are about to come crashing down.  I know I will probably look back in just over a month and realise it is not nearly as bad as I think (I HOPE), but at the moment it seem pretty terrible and getting worse.  But, it does not affect my family, health or anything that is really important to me so I will just have to deal with the problems as they arise.


So, what am I proud of??? This week I am very proud of my daughter. I was away all of last week in Cape Town for the Cape Cycle Tour Lifestyle Expo and she stayed behind with Andrew,  our nanny and my mom.  She coped remarkably well, even though she was sick.  I felt terrible about leaving her, but could not do anything about it. I am proud that she is such an independent soul.

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I am also proud that even though I was having a major pity party last week Wednesday, when my stand at the expo came crashing around me about 30 seconds after I had finished putting it up, I managed to give myself a stern talking to and pull myself together, rebuild the stand and have a great expo.  At that stage I really just felt like coming home.


What were you most proud of last week?


10 thoughts on “This week I am proud of…..

  1. I am sure all will work out for you…. you may just be surprised. I am very proud of my grade 4 and her marks that are coming in – we worked hard for the first term of the tests and exam phase at school and it shows.

    1. I really hope so! I generally jump straight to worst case scenario and hope that I am doing it her as well I will know in 2 weeks.

      Well done to her (and you) on the hard work and rewards….

  2. Crashing Down? Really!!! That sounds awful. But glad the expo went well and your daughter was fine.

    Last week I tackled the 10 sunrise monster and I’m not sure which was worse the uphills or the downhills – I might just need a crash course in navigating steep downhills if I ever plan to do this race again

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