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The Otter Challenge

This time next week I will be running/walking The Otter Trail Challenge – woefully under prepared.

The Otter African Trail Run

It is my final challenge of the year and I really hope that I come home with a medal AND enjoy the day. (see THIS post for my races this year)

I had big plans for this year running wise… and in general it has been a very good year for me.  I have hit my personal bests across all distances from 10km to an Ultra.  So in 10km, 15km, 21.1km, 42.2 km and 56km races.  I did my first Trail Ultra – Addo 44km and absolutely loved it.  I will be back there next year.  Entries have already opened if you are keen to do it.

The only goal so far this year that I did not complete was Comrades – life kind of got in the way there (a whole different blog post) and I started the day “knowing” that I would not finish.  Seeing as this race is very mental “knowing” you are not going to finish pretty much guarantees that you won’t.  My plan going out was to see how far I could get.  I figured I would regret not starting more than I would regret not finishing.  I was in Durban anyway for the Expo and I was right.  Although I regret not finishing I am very pleased that I started.  I ran about 30km with my sister and then told her to go on ahead as I was going to stop there (I wasn’t but didn’t want to hold her back any more).  I carried on till just past Drummond and stopped.  In my mind I was hoping not the make the Drummond cut-off because then I would have an excuse to stop.  I even when to the toilet about 2 km before and sat there for a while longer than necessary….  I made the cut–off and cursed a little.  I hobbled on for another couple of kilometers and saw another runner sitting at the side of the road.  I asked him if he minded if I sat down next to him.  The second I sat down about 10 people joined us and a few minutes later a bail bus came along and picked us all up.  As I was walking to the bus I asked myself again if I was SURE I wanted to stop.  I was.  I shed a little tear and then cheered up a lot when I found out that there was chocolate on the bus….I have entered again for next year and will do a lot of things differently leading up to the race.

Since then I have not run as much as I should have for Otter and definitely have not done the number of stairs that I should have or strength exercises but I am excited.  I have hiked the trail 3 times and love it!  I am doing the Challenge and have 11 hours to finish. There are 2 races – the other is called the Run and they have 8 hours to finish. There is NO way even on a good day that I would do that.

So, this time next week think of me…. and my sister and her husband and 217 other runners as we take on the Grail of Trail – The Otter…

I cant wait!

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