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Practice makes…

well, not quite perfect but a whole lot better than last time. Although I still could not get the navy. 

Here are a few pictures of the biscuits I made for our board meeting. 

Company Logo


Getting better!


so what do you think – a little over the top???  Or is that only after I put them in individual packets with a little lable…..

Going to far???


Hmmm, so about that increase….

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Bugs and Butterflies

The theme of Baby OL’s first Birthday party was bugs and butterflies.

I really enjoyed doing it, but wow it was hard work.  I think next time I might buy more and make less.  Although I probably won’t – I love making stuff.

Decor and Party packs


For the decorations I made a garland of tissue flowers.  It was soooo easy and I think it looked great.  I found out how to do it here.  I will be using that idea again.  For the party packs I found little buckets and then cut out green paper to make the grass and then printed pictures of bugs and butterflies which I stuck to the bucket.  I also put a flower on the top with the kid’s name on it. 

Iced Sugar biscuits and cupcakes


Yes, I fed my addiction to icing sugar biscuits – and I am really happy with the way these turned out.  Much better in real life than in my photos.  The red wass actually really red not the funny colour that it looks on these pictures.  I had a lot of fun icing these but am sure that any proffesional icers would be having heartfailure about now.  I do realise where I went wrong though.  The consistancy of my icing was not quite right, it was not runny enough to flood properly, but so what!  I also used a subsitute for egg whites as these were for children I did not want them getting sick from eating raw egg whites.  It worked well and all I can say is they are YUMMY!  Actually they were yummy. They are now finished.

The icing on my cupcakes is cream cheese icing. 

The inchworm cake

I used the same cream cheese icing to cover the cake.

Opening presents
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I have a confession….

I could not resist….. Will power and I are not good friends.  I tried, I really did, but the temptation was just overwhelming. 

Yip, I baked cookies…..

I still need to ice them, so maybe by tomorrow there will be some photos. (only if they turn out ok)

I tried to let Mr OL into my dark and horrible secret, but he was not impressed.  I tried to show him pictures but he just looked at me as if I was mad.   His comment – they look just like Iced Zoos….  Oh well, I suppose art is only in the eye of the beholder.

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I have NO words!!!

Oh my WORD!!!! My addiction just got a million times worse. 

Take a look at this site….. And I was not even Googling cookies, I was looking for ideas for Baby OL’s first birthday. It’s a sign I tell you…….

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I think I need to bow down to this woman, these are works of art.  The work that goes into each of them must be extreme…

I don’t know whether to give it a shot or to step back in admiration.   I love the fact that she paints onto the cookie icing.  I don’t think I would have thought of doing that.  If I do  “attempt” doing this it is going to be a much more basic version…. 

Follow THIS LINK to go and see shop or her BLOG. Truly amazing.

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Hi, my name is OL and I have an addiction

to sugar cookie icing….

So I think Mr OL might be right (but please don’t tell him I said so).  I think I may become just a tad obsessed about certain things (and then move on).

At the moment I am obsessed with icing sugar cookies.  I am trying to restrain myself as I really don’t have the time to start a new hobby – but oh my word it looks cool, and yummy!  I keep looking at pictures, reading up about it, looking for recipes and finding out what equipment is necessasry.  But, I have been very good, no money has been spent…. yet.

Look at these pictures and tell me it does not inspire you….

Here, here and here….

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Creative people

Wow, there are some creative people out there.

Baby OL went to her first Birtday party and the mommy went all out.  Take a look at the party packs she and her sister made, as well as the little owls they sewed for party favours!  The bar really has been set high – and I have no hope (or intention) or attaining it.

I have an excuse – my sister does not sew….

Party pack and Favour. Soo cute!

At this party Baby OL had her first taste of “junk”  food.  I caved and gave her a Fling.  It was that or keep her from wrestling them out of the mouths of all the other babies around her.  She was not so sure at first but figured it out pretty quickly.

Hmmm, chips!

I think I got the glare that said “and where have these been my whole life….?”

I have been pretty good with what she eats so far, with most of it being home made or organic (Ollie).  I think it is going to be harder as she gets older.

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Here is one I made earlier…

This year I decided to give both my Mom and my Mom-in-law each a hand-made Christmas present.  It was Baby OL’s first Christmas so I wanted to give them something with her on it.

A little while ago a saw something on Ashley from Under the Sycamore’s blog (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her blog) that I thought was fantastic, and wanted to give it a try.  I came out better than I could have expected.  I changed it a bit from that light as I put the pictures on the inside and I am so happy with it.

It is light, with photos on it. When you turn the light on you can see the photos through the material.

So here it is – step by step.

Firstly – buy a lamp (or two).  The shades should be white or cream and the sides should be equal in diameter at the top or the bottom.  It can be cone shaped by you are then going to have to play around with cutting the paper to get the angles right.  I’m all for simplicity.

I then printed blank and white (for the one shade) and sepia (for the other) on to vellum which I bought at a paper shop.  I just used the big printer at work and it printed them fantastically.  I believe with ink cartridges you need to be careful it does not smudge so only do one page at a time.

Then cut the pictures to fit, and stick on the inside of the shades.  I used my hot glue gun to stick it down.  A few blisters on my fingers later I realised it would be a LOT easier to take the shade off the stand.  Yip, a bit slow on that one.  Anyway….


That was it.  So easy!!!  At night, when turned on they really look fantastic – and both Grannies were over joyed.

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Wrapping it up

At work each year we do a “Secret Santa” where we are each tasked with buying one other person in the company a gift.  The company pays, but we have to go and get it.

This year one of the girls wanted a voucher from – great idea, but boring to unwrap.  So I decided to get a bit creative.

Once I got over my reluctance to cut up a book, here is what I did:

1.       Found a book in my cupboard that I was NEVER going to read. Thankfully it had a beautiful red hard cover under the paper sleeve.


2.       Used my craft knife and metal ruler to cut holes in about ¾ the pages.



3.       Made a “card” out of one of the pieces of paper that I had cut out.

4.       Put the voucher in the hole in the book, and tied it up with a bit of string.



I am really happy with the way it turned out and think it is a pretty  way to wrap up a voucher for books.  

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I feel frustrated! Or something….

Reading other people’s blogs is not helping.  I see all these people that are busy designing, taking beautiful photos, baking, cooking fabulous meals, renovating, painting, scrapping, learning, writing, basically just creating and I feel like I am doing nothing!

I think I am beginning to miss my art classes.  But here is my dilemma, I am not sure if I actually want to go back.  Not because I didn’t enjoy it or anything like that, but it would spend away from Baby OL.  More time away!

I already work 8 hours a day so not seeing her in the evenings would be bad.  Also I want to start sea swimming again. So I need to decide, sea swim or art?

They grow so fast that I don’t want to look back and realise that I have missed so much.  I already run, although at least that is in the mornings, usually before she wakes up.  Urgh!!!  I suppose drawing and painting is something that I could do while she is asleep, but then when would I spend time with Mr OL?  Can somebody please just give me an extra day on the weekend!