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Busy Bags No. 1 Using a Pool Noodle.

When Little OL was even littler I stumbled upon the idea of “busy bags”.  I can’t remember where I got all my ideas from and it was before I started using Pinterest but there are loads of sites out there, just Google “Busy Bag ideas”.  Basically I wanted them to be easy and cheap to make, easy to store and keep her occupied

Once I made them I kept them all in a large plastic container and would pull them out randomly so she would not get bored with one.  I also find that they are great in the car and if we are going on a road trip I just put the container within my reach in the car.

This morning Little OL found them again and started playing with this one – It was actually the first one I made and was really easy.

You will need:

1 x pool noodle – make sure it is the type with the hole that runs through the center.

2 x stiff rope – about 50cm

Sissors to cut the rope and a knife (bread knife worked best) to cut the noodle.

Zip lock type bag to keep it all in.

Lighter or sticky tape to seal the rope ends.

The pool noodle I used was scalloped shaped and when you cut it into pieces they looked like flowers.  You will only need about 30 cm of the noodle – I used the rest to make some bags for all my friends with kids the same age.  Cut the noodle into sections of about 2 – 3 cms.  Tie a knot at one end of the rope and seal or sticky tape the other end so it does not fray.  And Viola – 1 busy bag made and ready for playing with!  (if sealing the rope make sure that it has cooled down before giving to the toddler – those things stay hot for a while).

Completed and ready to use.



Little OL concentrating (yes, her hair is wet)



She is getting a little old for some of the ones I made initially so I will need to start looking for other ideas.