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Camping themed 5th party

Camping was not my theme of choice for this year, but Little Miss K wanted camping and I liked the theme so camping it was.  I initially wanted a Book Worm party.

Quite a few of my friends said I was insane to go with Camping…Maybe insane was not quite the word they used, but mad was mentioned more than once, as was tempting fate. Our family record with camping is not a good one. We have been camping 4 times since Kaylin was born and 4 times we have ended up either at the doctors or casualty or both.

I decided actual camping and a camping theme party were vastly different and went with it anyway.

Here are the photos.  (I am quite proud of how it turned out)

The Birthday Girl and Door Stop
The Birthday Girl and Door Stop

She was very excited that I made them both out of icing and that they were both on the cake….

The Party Table - Camping
The Party Table – Camping
Camp Kaylin - Camping themed Cake
Camp Kaylin – Camping themed Cake
Mix your own Trail Mix
Mix your own Trail Mix
The party pack Backpacks (each guest was given a little torch inside)
The party pack Backpacks


The backpack party packs, there was little torch inside each
The backpack party packs, there was little torch inside each


I made these little backpacks using a little paper bag and some ribbon.  It was actually much easier than I thought it was going to be.  Just make sure you find the paper bags with the flat base.

Campfire Flames aka NikNaks
Campfire Flames aka NikNaks

This is a disposable braai – but the grid was unnecessary as were the legs – so you could just use an aluminum roasting dish.

Wraps or Bedding Rolls
Wraps or Bedding Rolls


Bear Poop......
Bear Poop…… (chocolate, need I say more)

So this is what I did differently this year, than any of the other years.

Firstly – the biggest I did not have it at home.  Oh bliss – why did I ever do them at home before.

Secondly – I paid a little extra for the decor.  I looked through their themes, and then chose the closed to the theme I wanted. This is actually the venue’s fairy theme but I told them I did not want any fairy stuff just the woodland look.  I then made everything else to suit – red and green.

Thirdly – all the baked good are box mixes. I love making the little figures for the cakes, but dont actually like baking.  I find it stressful.  This was a lot easier.  Next time I might even just buy a pre-made cake and decorate it.

And then that is about it – once it is over you just pack up and go….

I have also realised that my daughter is nearly as bad as I am when it comes to planning birthdays in advance. She has already told me what themes she would like for the next 3.

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Not quite as planned!

Hmmm, so that did not go quite as planned….

I love camping!  Mr OL quite likes camping and Baby OL?…. Not so much!

Going back to the campsite we used to go to as kids was awesome.  It was just as good as I remember, if not better.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves and it was so peaceful. We braai’d both nights on the beach and sat and had coffee in the mornings staring over the Keurbooms Lagoon.  I LOVED it! 

However it would have been a whole lot better with a child that was not running a fever, up all night and crying all day.  Not so much fun.  I am not sure what is wrong but she is going to the doc today.

Not that this is going to put me off.  She will like camping, I am brain washing her.  Every time I say “we are going camping” I have taught her to clap…. 

Here is the link to the caravan park we stayed in – the Keurbooms Lagoon Caravan Park in Plettenberg Bay.  I love this place!  One of the other guys we went with also camped there as a kid.  In fact his parents still go every December.  It was quite cool reminiscing with him and my sister about the good old camping days.  Our memories are all very different.  I was a teenager most of the time.  We stopped going when I was 21.  My sister was a little kid as there are 10 years difference between us.  Our friend fits right in, in the middle.  I think his parents are going to have quite a few gate crashers on their site this December.